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Supermarket Shelf Display Rack Retail Store Drug Shop Single-sided Double-sided Display Risers

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After you open a store, is it difficult to finid suitable shelves and merchandise display risers? Today we bring a supermarket drug display stands for your reference.

Details Of The Display Risers

We support single-sided design service for this shelf. Help you design and plan according to the requirements of your shopping mall, one-stop service. You can buy a single display stand or a whole set to reduce your shipping costs.

Material Introduction

We mainly use metal steel to make this shelf, which is strong and corrosion resistant. The surface uses electroplating technology, smooth and flat. Choose the color according to your requirements. And it adopts thickened back panel, brackets, laminates and uprights. Keep your shelves from shaking.

Variety Of Choices

We provide single-sided main frame, single-sided sub frame, double-sided main frame, double-sided sub frame and other styles for your choice.The shelf on the picture is matte white, you can also choose matte black, matte gray and other colors. You can choose the match according to your store. Of course, you can also tell us your requirements. We provide you with shop-wide customized services to save you time.

Easy To Disassemble

This shelf can also be used with light boxes, base cabinets and other shelf accessories. The frame can be disassembled for easy assembly and cleaning.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 400*400*1400mm
Materials Metal Steel
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