Glass Display Table

Are you looking for a glass display table? Glass display tale is good to use in the retail shop, conference room, and restaurant. Many people like a conference glass table, glass dining table, and glass desk to work. The glass tabletop with a metal or wood base is very stable to use. No matter where do you use the glass display table, it will give you a perfect showcase effect. Glass display table makes the room looks clean, large space, and brilliant. Glass display table has many styles and shapes, they are fit for all kinds of shop design and decoration.

You don't know which one to choose. Here you are in the right place. Ant Display customizes glass display table and glass counter for kitchens, living rooms, office spaces, meeting rooms, lobbies, and many other spaces. You can find a suitable glass display counter directly on the website. Whenever you have new requirements, our excellent designer will draw a professional designer to show you. Our glass tabletop supports customization. And various patterns, colors, and shapes will add to the glass display table. Workers in Ant Display concentrate on the craft and use high-quality materials to build glass display tables.

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  1. Super high-value glass table | Simple Transparent Dressing Table/Office Desk
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Ant Display not only sells glass display tables but also produces them. Other products can also be easily found here, such as glass cabinets, glass dome displays, and another display counter. You can choose all of them from other pages, such as wooden display racks, metal display cabinets, glass shelves, and even brand image walls. I am sure that you can have a happy shopping time here. Besides, you can also get the whole store design in Ant Display, includes ceiling decoration, light effect, shop furniture size, layout, and so on. The store design depends on your needs so that you can receive a perfect shop design for business.

glass display tableWhy choose a glass display table?

A glass display table is good to place all kinds of products and is stable to use. It can also make the shop looks better. We can also make the glass display tables in different shapes fit for the location. Here are three reasons to choose glass for your kitchen or display area.
Easy to maintain

The glass tabletop is heat-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable. You only need water and detergent to wipe it clean. You can choose a glass counter table with different transparency to allow different light to pass through. It is used in kitchens, bathrooms or offices, and retail stores. Such as mobile phone shops, cosmetics shops, jewelry shops, and optical shops, etc.

Beauty and multiple choice

The glass display table has unique colors and can be made into different colors. It can make the store look more beautiful and can highlight the products. Whether you need a unique glass display table, a frosted texture, or colorful colors, Ant display can meet your requirements. Glass material doesn't have porous, so the glass display table is not easy to stain or crack.

Environmental friendly

The glass display table complies with the principles of sustainable development and is environmentally friendly. We use 100% recyclable glass to make a counter table. With exquisite craftsmanship and strict control of each process, the glass display table uses broken or crushed tempered glass and then heats and melts to form a new glass table. Ant Display designs and produces the perfect glass display table for you.

Glass display table styles

glass display tableA glass display table is usually matched with bases of different materials, giving people a bright feeling. For example, a glass display table with a metal base, wood base. It can also add lock cabinets to protect the products from being stolen. We can also make glass display tables into unique shapes such as circles, rectangles, squares, hexagons. We need to choose wisely and fully conform to the style of the store, to achieve a perfect display effect and improve the quality of your store

  • Metal and antique glass display table

Metal base with glass display counter table creates an industrial effect. There are a lot of styles of the metal base to choose from. Like X shape base, square base, and L base. They are all very stable enough to use.

  • 3-layer wood glass display table

3 layers glass display table usually has a wood base in the middle to support it. And we can place items in each layer. That can increase showcase area and people can also view all of them directly.

  • Lockable display table

These kinds of glass display tables mainly use in a jewelry shops and watch shops. It usually has lock drawers to protects products from being stolen. We can make it in unique shapes and even add storage cabinets at the bottom.

  • Round shape display counter table

The round shape display counter table mainly uses in the dining hall and restaurant. We can also purchase one use at home. It has a simple design but can make the house looks upscale.