Wire Shelving

Are you looking for strong enough wire shelving? Multi-functional Wire shelving can do any job and is suitable for a variety of environments. This means you can use them safely in commercial, industrial, and residential environments without worrying about rust, damage, or product loss. The coating and material of each shelf help prevent pollution and rust. You can use it in stores, storage rooms, or in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom of your home for storage. Each wire shelf has a load-bearing capacity of up to 800 pounds. These wire shelves can be customized with wire shelf accessories, which are very suitable for various settings and environments.

Ant display provides high-quality wire shelving. They have a modular and expandable design, suitable for multiple purposes. In order to save floor space, we also provide wall-mounted industrial shelves to help increase storage capacity without taking up floor space. Metal wire shelving is strong to use, easy assembly, you can even put it anywhere you want. Ant Display provides not only wire shelving, but also other display shelving and counter, I believe that Ant display's wire shelving can meet your storage needs. You can also get the whole shop furniture from Ant Display.

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The metal display rack is mainly made of various metal materials, and the electrostatic spraying and baking varnish process are used in the later stage. The display rack produced is exquisite in appearance, strong and durable, so that your products can be better displayed. At the same time, it can be designed according to your product characteristics. The matching metal display rack, combined with the customer's creative LOGO, makes the product prominently displayed in front of the public, thereby increasing the publicity of the product. Here are the 4 features of wire shelving

wire shelvingFeatures of wire shelving

  1. Low cost.
  2. Exquisite production and novel styles can better display your company's products.
  3. Good quality, firm and durable.
  4. The removable design minimizes the packaging and transportation volume of the metal display rack.

The metal display rack can fully display the characteristics of the product; it has a wealth of accessories, and each component can be recorded and installed. Ant Display has a variety of sizes, practical shapes, and a variety of colors to choose from.

Metal wire display styles:

Freestanding shelving

Freestanding shelving is very flexible to use, it can provide a perfect solution for your storage room, production workshop, shop decoration, and exhibition hall. You can even increase the storage area at home. In Ant Display, you can choose a variety of Wire storage shelving at will. You can add content as needed for better use, such as storage shelves and hooks, wall shelves, floating shelves, small compartments, shelf partitions, etc. The sturdy shelving unit provides plenty of space for anything you want to stay away from the floor but within reach. Ant Display can also help you design unique wire storage shelving to suit different goods.

Heavy-duty wire shelving

The heavy-duty wire shelving system designed by Ant display is very suitable for commercial or industrial storage. The heavy-duty capacity is designed to store large items and has a strong weighing capacity. The wireframe design allows air circulation, visibility and reduces dust accumulation. The linear shelf can be easily adjusted in height according to unique needs, and the assembly is easy and fast. Heavy-duty wire shelving finishes have all the advantages of chrome plating, environmentally friendly and safe, to avoid accidental injuries caused by sharp edges and corners. Including columns, shelves, split sleeves, casters, and foot straighteners. When used with wheels, it can easily move to other places.

Muscle rack

Muscle Rack usually has the characteristics of strong load-bearing and is easy to use. It is usually rectangular in shape. Because the bottom of the rectangle is very wide, the structure is stable and firm. Even if they place heavy objects on the edges, they will not easily turn over. Muscle rack has a strong steel frame, and the more racks, the stronger it is. The rectangle is the key to design strength. Mucale metal wire shelving is usually placed close to the wall to avoid independent standing on the steel frame. In this way, wire shelving will not interfere with work and there is no safety hazard. And we usually put the final items at the bottom, and the frequently used items are placed in the line of sight so that metal wire shelving can make full use of the space

wire shelvingWe also provide more wire shelving. No matter what business you start or what display stand you need, please don't miss it. For example, floor wire display rack; desktop display shelving; hanging display rack; special-shaped display rack; theme display stacker and rotating display rack.

Why choose Ant Display?

Ant display has a modern production workshop of 3000 square meters, first-class technology, and a professional sales team. We are the leading metal wire shelving manufacturer in China. You can get high-quality service, a comfortable shopping experience, and high-quality products. Our service tenet is to provide every customer with good products, reasonable prices, and to help every customer choose what they want. We also provide customized wire shelving services for each customer, and Ant Display's outstanding designers will provide you with exquisite 3D design services