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Still worrying about how to store and display your products? Still, looking for sturdy and practical storage racks for your warehouse? Come to Ant display! We supply different kinds of storage racks, from wooden storage racks to glass storage racks to metal storage racks. Here on our web, you can find storage racks in different shapes and colors, there will have one style suitable for you. Metal storage racks are the widest storage racks, they are mainly used in some retail shops, warehouses, and kitchens. Our metal storage racks used are strong 304 stainless steel, aluminum, or hard steel, so can use very long time. And our edges and corners will be polished with professional machines.

Ant display limited can provide high-quality metal storage racks at a favorable price. Metal storage racks cost is low but very functional. We supply floor-use metal storage racks and wall-mounted metal storage racks. We also supply customize service, if you have any needs can tell us, we can help you design the storage racks as your needs. Besides metal storage racks, Ant display can also supply other storage racks and your whole shop fixtures. Ant display was established in 2018, already specialized in making customized shop furniture for more than 12 years. So we have rich experience in making customized furniture, can give you exquisite work. We are located in an industrial area, have our own factory, so can give you most favorable factory price.

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  1. Retail Boutique Display Shelf Display High Cabinet Rack
    As low as $120.00
  2. Shelf Rack Floor Multi-layer Storage Room Rack Storage Basement Angle Iron Shelf
    As low as $90.00
  3. Kitchen Household Shelving With Metal Board Storage Rack Colorful Metal Shelving Rack
    As low as $480.00
  4. Galvanized Steel Plywood Storage Shelving Warehouse Storage Shelving Luggage Rack Shelves
    As low as $460.00
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Metal storage racks styles:

  1. Free-standing metal storage racksmetal storage rack

Free-standing metal storage racks are the most widely used storage racks. They can be used in your storage rooms, workshop, retail shops, and warehouse. The free-standing metal storage racks can be put in the middle or against a wall, it can stand freely. The backboard of storage racks can do slat wall, mesh panel, or pegboard, you can add hooks to storage and display more products. Our free-standing metal racks have different shapes and sizes for your choice.

  1. Wall-mounted metal storage racks

storage racks for sale

Now more and more retail shops prefer to use wall-mounted metal storage racks. Wall-mounted racks can help make full use of the wall space and save your store floor space. It supplies a perfect solution for narrow shops.   

  1. Gondola metal storage racks

Gondola metal storage racks are put in the middle of the shop or warehouse. We supply double sides gondola metal storage racks, four sides gondola racks, and single side gondola metal storage racks. Gondola racks can be used to display and storage small goods or cargo. We have pegboard gondola storage racks, Slatwall gondola storage racks, and mesh board storage racks for your choice.

  1. Wall metal storage racks

If you want to put some heavy cargo, you’d better choose wall metal storage racks. The wall metal storage racks are put against the wall, so it is more stable. The wall metal storage racks can help organize and store your inventory.


Features of metal storage racks

  1. Strong and durable

The materials used are mainly stainless steel, steel, and Aluminum. We selected is thick metal, so the metal storage racks are very durable and strong, can use many years.

  1. Low cost

The metal storage racks usually are mass-produced, so their cost is low, price is very favorable.

  1. Strong applicability and versatility

The metal storage racks can be used to display and store different kinds of products. No matter you want to use it in the warehouse to put big cargo or in a retail shop to display some small products. The metal storage racks can help.

  1. Easy clean and water-proof

The metal storage racks are very easy to clean, and they are water-proof, so very suitable for kitchen use.


What questions you may behave yourself before ordering the metal storage rack?

  1. How long you will need for production?

A: the production time according to how much furniture you need to make. If just a few pieces metal storage racks, as usually need about 15-18 workdays. If for whole shop furniture, will need about 25-28 workdays.

  1. Is it comes whole assembled? How do I assemble it?

A: Yeah, we will ship the metal storage rack whole assembled. If its size is not big we will pack it just a whole piece, if the size is big, we will divide it into 2-3 pieces. When you received it, just need to put the sections together then can use them.

  1. How to order the metal storage rack?

A: firstly you can check our web to find the style you like and tell your size, then we will follow that style to check price. You arrange us payment then we will arrange the production. If no style you like, you can tell us your needs, we will follow your needs to design this metal storage rack for you to see the effect. After the design is confirmed then you arrange the deposit. After production is finished we will arrange to ship it to you.


Ant display limited is a leading company in making storage racks. Browse our web you will find storage racks in different types and materials. If you have any needs, just feel free to contact us.