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Display Showcase

The display showcase is provided for the display of goods and has a protective display stand. It is widely used in company exhibition halls, exhibitions, shopping malls, advertisements, etc. It is widely used in industries such as crafts, gifts, jewelry, mobile phones, glasses, watches and watches, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, and other industries. A display showcase is a cabinet with one or more transparent glass surfaces for displaying objects for viewing. The display showcase is the main carrier for expressing commodities in business and the mainframe that constitutes the visual of commercial space. Different products have different forms and functions of display cabinets. The design and production of display cabinets in shopping malls will directly affect the sales of goods and the brand image of enterprises. So the style and color of the display cabinet must match the products you display and the overall style of your store.
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What Types of display showcase are popular?

  1. According to styles

Display showcases can be divided into high display showcase, low display showcase, front display showcase, corner display showcase, boutique display showcase, and island display showcase. High display showcase is cabinets with a height of more than 180 cm, used in clothing showcases, leather goods showcases, shoe bags showcases, etc; low display showcase is showcasing with a height of about 120 cm, which can be displayed against the wall and double-sided products as needed; the front display showcase is a belt Showcase with glass cover. As usually used in jewelry showcases, mobile phone showcases, cosmetics, watches, etc; corner display showcase are showcased with excessive corners made when two rows of front cabinets need to intersect; boutique display showcase is showcased that are displayed separately. Glass is more particular and more suitable for small and medium-sized storefronts; island display showcase is showcases placed in the middle of the storefront for product display. The characteristic is low height, which is convenient for customers to get display showcase

  1. According to materials

Display showcases can be divided into paint-based showcases, glass-made showcases, metal-made showcases, and wood-based showcases according to materials. Paint-baking showcases are made with a paint-baking process, and the surface of the paint-baking showcases is usually smooth; glass-made showcases are made of glass combined with a display cabinet, usually made of wood or metal as a base and support with glass on top. Because the glass is transparent and crystal-clear, it will give the entire store a sense of brightness and is the most convenient for displaying products; metal showcases are more durable and more modern. Generally, electroplated stainless steel or aluminum alloy is used. Metal display cabinets will look more high-end; wooden product display cabinets use MDF or plywood as the basic material, and display cabinets with surface treated with laminate or wood veneer. In actual production, these materials are usually combined. Basically, metal is used as the frame and legs, wood is used as the base material, and glass is used as the display.

How to choose display showcase as your needs?

  1. according to the products you want to display

If your products are jewelry, watches, this kind of high-value product, you need to take care of the materials used. Metal with glass finished display showcase is a good choice. if you display phones,can choose some function and model style.

  1. according to your store decoration style

When you choose the display showcases, you need to follow your shop decoration style. You need to see your shop color theme and style, for example, if your shop is a mainly simple black and white color, modern style, you can just choose a simple modern style display showcase.

Why choose Ant display to make your display showcase?

Ant-display is a leading company specialize in making different kinds of display showcases. Our design team has been engaged in the design of display cabinets for 10 years and has extensive experience. Every display cabinet you see is designed using the latest and most fashionable design concepts. And we continue to learn from top foreign design teams, and adjust design plans in time according to customers and markets.No matter what kind of display cabinet you need, as long as you tell us your requirements, we can design it for you. And we have our own factory, which can guarantee the use of high-end materials and superb craftsmanship, and the price can give the most favorable factory price.

So if you are interested in making display showcases to start your business, we are a nice supplier you can consider!

How To custom a display showcase from Ant Display.

  1. you can check our web if there has style you like if have can contact us to get price; if no, just tell us your needs, then our designer can help design as your needs and size for you see.
  2. After you confirmed the design, then we will follow the design to get a price for your ref.
  3. Then you can arrange the payment, we will arrange to start to make the showcase for you.