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Rolling Garment Rack

Rolling garment racks are portable clothing racks that can easy disassemble and able shipping with a small package. Those clothing racks are not used as a permanent display compare to wall amounted garment racks. Basically, A rolling garment rack should have three main characters, First of all, the racks most be portable with caster wheels. Of course the wheels must have brake to keep it stand still when need. Secondly, Rolling Garment racks must be able to knock down in a small size for easy shipping and able to reassemble easily. Thirdly, Those rolling clothing display racks should have the adjustable height function to apply to different requirements. Ant Display has a large quantity of functional industrial-grade rolling apparel racks with high-quality finish. Our clothes racks are durable and perfect for clothing displaying or costumes hanging in various space. Such as boutique clothing store, school, hotel or business events. You can place your hats, bags, coats, or scarf easily with our portable clothes racks. The adjustable rolling garment racks also give you a possibility of hanging long-style clothes or dress together with other short wears.
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rolling garment rackOur Portable Clothing Display Racks in a firm and compact design which is perfect for those who are looking for a temporary display or hanging system. With smooth rolling wheels and slim packing kit you can easy move and ship to anywhere conveniently. Moreover, Our strong materials give you a new possibility of display heavy duty dresses within our displays, It has adjustable height and width to meet different storage requirements, The big storage space allow your display clothing, dresses, pants,jackets, shirts,costumes,or any apparels and accessories. If you are looking for a portable metal display racks or rolling clothing stands, Ant display will have the full selection for you. From chrome finish to power-coated surface, We offer the durable, attractive , and elegant display solutions with wholesale price. Our portable closet multi function coat racks can collapse easily with simple instructions. It’s not only has a strong quality with flexibility but also have the most economical price cost. Therefore, it’s just perfect for stage wardrobes, business events, Churches, large gatherings or any temporary storage.