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Brochure Holders

In our library, office, and family reading room, we generally put brochure holders to store books, leaflets, signs, leaflets, magazines, catalogs and brochures, documents, etc. Because this will make the entire interior look tidier, and it is also easier to read and choose. Brochure holders have the advantages of beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. And the brochure holders are beautiful in style, noble and elegant, and have a good decorative effect. The boutique display racks make the products show extraordinary charm. Ant Display supply a large category of acrylic brochure holders, wood brochure holders, and metal brochure holders in wholesale price. check our site and buy the perfect holders.

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Top Quality Brochure Holders Wholesale at Economical Price

One of the functions of brochure holders is to display and store them. There is also the role of product display. A good brochure holder allows you to better display and store your brochure at the same time. It also allows customers to better understand your company and products, and show them the best of your company and products.acrylic brochure holder

Functional & Useful Design

The production and design requirements of brochure holders are the most precise. Not only is the manufacturer to ensure that the most sophisticated materials are used as much as possible, but the design requirements will also be higher. Especially in commercial exhibitions, we need to choose better brochure holders to display our company information.

Exhibition Brochure Holder

The design of brochure holders is inseparable from the nature of the exhibition. Because one of the most obvious characteristics of the exhibition is the gathering of a large number of exhibiting merchants and a large number of user groups. So our brochure holders need to be able to focus users among thousands of merchants. Therefore, we must put some effort into design, including the matching of lighting, vi, and tones. Exhibitors considering the nature of the exhibition will have certain material and safety requirements for the brochure holders of the merchants, and we will make them according to your needs and exhibition needs.

Acrylic Brochure Holders

Most of our transparent acrylic brochure holders are lightweight and attractive. These acrylic brochure holders are designed to provide the public with an easy way to easily obtain company and/or product information. And wood and plastic brochure holders are used in banks, business offices, reception areas, medical offices, museums, law firms, state agencies, libraries, and school offices-wherever you want to attract attention. Because just small brochure holders can also provide valuable marketing and advertising for you and your business. If necessary, we can put your LOGO on brochure holders.

Get The Best Quality Brochure Holder From Ant Display

There are three types of brochure holders. The different type has different advantages to display the brochures, magazine, poster and so on. You can choose these according to your requirements.

 tabletop brochure holders 

The portable exhibition brochure holders is for tabletop brochure holders, which is easy to carry and very convenient for round-trip activities. We sell a variety of tri-fold display boards for desktop display. Our brochure holders are not professionally made of cheap paper, but products made of professional materials. It has a fabric that can absorb Velcro and has many attractive colors. We can connect brochure holders to the board to provide exhibition exhibitors with more marketing methods.

floor-standing brochure holders

Foldable floor-standing brochure holders can be adjusted according to your own needs and can be adapted to documents or materials of various sizes. Generally, wood, acrylic, and plastic are used for materials. Acrylic brochure holders are very suitable for saving space on the floor and table, making the entire space more clean and tidy.

wall-mounted brochure holders 

One of the most popular products is our wall-mounted brochure holders series of plastic flyer holders. We can also manufacture wall-mounted brochure holders for displaying magazines and company brochures on your wall. Wall-mounted brochure holders made of solid wood or clear acrylic look great in any professional office environment and are very suitable. You can install brochure holders on the walls of the reception area so that customers can access their content to better understand your company and products.

Custom Brochure Holder For Sale

Ant Display provides wholesale customized production. These wholesale brochure holders come in various sizes and can hold various magazines or brochures. You can arrange it according to your needs. So the brochure holders are made according to your indoor characteristics and your requirements. At the same time of display, the product can show its unique characteristics and advantages. Let your products better attract customers' attention. It can make your home look clean and tidy, and make your office look brighter and more spacious.