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Building Sign Letters

Building sign letters are a common choice for business owners because it is clear, readable, and versatile in design. They are very effective for building a brand, expanding advertising coverage, and helping your business succeed. Personalized logos and letters can be made of brushed aluminum, acrylic, PVC, or even foam. If you need to install offset pins, you need to use a higher density material to screw the studs into the back of the letters. Some logos with many details may require a vinyl coating to be printed on certain parts of the logo. The building logo letters have customized colors and shapes.Ant Display supply a large variety of high-quality building sign letters in various materials, contact our team for a customized sign letters costs.

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From customized neon lights and LED lighting to simple routing letters, efficient internal routing equipment and manufacturing can increase cost-effectiveness, which is good news. How to choose a suitable Building sign letter, there are three steps for you to choose:

  • Select the type of logo engraving you want to use for your business.
  • Determine the material and style of logo lettering.
  • Determine the thickness of the letters.

Top Quality Outdoor Sign Letters in Low Price.building sign letters

At each step, make sure you are considering ideas that meet the brand goals and company graphic guidelines. Ant Display’s professional designers will help you find the right building sign letter

Luminous letters

Show your brand name under bright lights. Our building sign letter uses various lighting technologies, such as LED, neon lights, light bulbs, etc. Styles include channel letters, halo letters, and special illuminated letters. If you need it to be visible at night, you need a lighted sign. It is most suitable for use in central street buildings and main streets

Channel letters

It is made of sheet metal, in most cases aluminum, because it will not rust. It can also be fixed on the back with a metal stapler with galvanized or stainless steel wire to form a solid can in the shape of a letter. When the letters are illuminated at night, they will attract the attention of passers-by. Each letter is manufactured in accordance with UL approved specifications and has been inspected and tested for light uniformity and brightness.

Halo letters

The classic and unique letters are bound to leave a deep impression. These letters are made of multiple materials, and then the LED module is connected to the back of each letter. These LEDs project light onto the surface of the building, creating a halo effect. This unique lighting method is most suitable for non-reflective, light-colored surfaces such as bricks or stones.

Special lighting Letters 

Special lighting letter ( Marquee Letters) offers unlimited possibilities and can provide any effect you can imagine. From swinging LED bulbs to exposed neon tubes, our creative designers can create a truly unique design that will make your logo a landmark.

Non-luminous letters

Ant Display’s non-luminous letters use machine wiring internally to match the unique appearance of your own brand. Cut from a variety of materials, different materials and finishes provide you with a unique appearance with the highest durability and quality. If you are in a light industrial building without any main street facing the street, then a non-luminous building sign letter is a wise choice.

PVC letters

PVC letters are ideal for internal and external letters and numbers. It is very durable, good-looking, easy to paint, and suitable for exterior signs. It is CNC cut and contains a variety of colors and shapes for your choice. Ant Display’s PVC letter supports customization and can be manufactured according to the fonts included in the product brand.

High-density polyurethane sign letters

The shape, cutting, and surface treatment you have been looking for. This engravable, durable material can be cut into any shape, allowing thick letters with custom cut faces and unlimited color choices. It can also provide high-gloss, long-lasting metal alloy surface treatment, including gold foil and palladium.

Cast metal letters

Durable and long-lasting beauty. Our cast metal letters are made of solid metal and come with a lifetime warranty. These letters are available in a variety of depths, and there are 16 surface treatments, including polishing, anodizing, or oxidation.

How to install building signs?

Outdoor construction letters are usually pasted with nail fixing accessories. Thoroughly clean all dirt, tar, and wax application areas. Mark the pattern with grid lines at the top and below the center of the letter. Precise computer-generated patterns are printed on a 60-pound white grid paper, which can display the outline of each character, the spacing between letters and the manual punching position of each stud, and display the drilling position. After sticking to the wall, drill holes and fill them with adhesive.

For more detailed information on how to use building sign letters in your business, please contact Ant Display. We are a company that provides a full set of logo services and can meet all your logo requirements. Whether you want to refurbish internal or external signs, we will help you achieve your marketing goals within your budget.

Custom Building Sign Letters For Sale

As a leading sign company, We offer not only indoor signages but also outdoor logo and brand names. If you are looking for a huge size or large dimension building sign letters. Welcome to visit Ant Display, we have experience of build outdoor sign letter more than 10 meters high. Whether you want to put a big brand name on an office building or need an outdoor company logo. Ant Display always offers you the right letters. Contact