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Pylon Sign

The role of the pylon sign is to understand the building. In addition to the perception of the shape of the building, another important role is to familiarize with the structure of the entire building through a pylon sign. Similarly, the pylon sign shows the distribution of floors, guidance for various exits, etc. inside the building. We can imagine that in an unidentified space or building, all actions will be disordered and lose the direction of guidance. From this aspect, it can be seen that the pylon sign is very important for buildings. For a pylon sign, it is necessary not only to give the building a functional expression but also to beautify the overall image of the building. Whether the location of the pylon sign is reasonable, and whether the overall planning meets the standard. This whole system has virtually enhanced the image of the building as a whole in the eyes of the public. Ant Display is a leading commercial display fixtures manufacturer, we can custom design and build pylon sign, outdoor signage, and shop sign with your customized ideas. Check our page and find your ideal model.

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The standard of modern architecture is constantly improving, and space is getting bigger and bigger. The role of pylon sign in guiding people's space activities is also more important. In particular, the construction of large public buildings, such as railways, airports, and terminals, requires a high-level professional logo design team. In order to create suitable design schemes for these buildings. Let the functionality of the building be more clearly displayed to the public. Therefore, there are many forms of pylon sign, such as advertising lightbox and luminous characters, each with its own characteristics.

Custom Outdoor Pylon Signoutdoor pylon sign

Pylon sign makes the building no longer monotonous, and the artistic pylon sign adds new vitality to the building. No matter where you are, the neat and orderly guided pylon sign system can help you find your location accurately. pylon sign will help you guide the direction in the building. In some tourist attractions, we will see a more artistic pylon sign. The artistic pylon sign not only carries wisdom and culture, conveys beautiful details, but also constantly impacts our visual experience. At the same time, it can beautify the surrounding environment and enhance the charm of the building. These artistic signs have become practical and artistic urban sculptures in Europe, America, and Japan, which is pleasing to the eye.

Traffic Pylon Sign

For traffic, a pylon sign is a graphic symbol that displays traffic regulations and road information. It not only allows traffic laws to be expressed in an image, concrete and concise but also expresses contents that are difficult to describe in words. Facilities for managing traffic and indicating driving directions to ensure smooth roads and safe driving. It is applicable to highways, urban roads, and all special highways, and has the nature of laws and regulations. Vehicles and pedestrians must abide by them. pylon signs are installed at the appropriate places in the entrance and exit as well as in the parking lot and roads to guide vehicles to drive correctly. Traffic signs are set with prohibition signs, instruction signs, and other signs. The traffic pylon sign is generally composed of several parts, such as the sign base, sign surface, uprights, fasteners, and foundation.

Tourism Pylon Sign

For tourism, a pylon sign is equivalent to the role of a tour guide. It is to help people guide the direction. And the pylon sign of tourist attractions is more distinctive. Some pylon signs will have their own special shapes or symbols, in order to add a bright color to the entire attraction. Some pylon signs are artistic words, and some pylon signs are lightboxes.

Shopping Mall Pylon Sign

For shopping malls, a pylon sign is equivalent to a shopping guide. If you want to buy women's clothing, you can find out where to sell women's clothing at a pylon sign. If you want to go to the supermarket, you can find the location of the supermarket according to the supermarket sign on the pylon sign. If you want to eat, you can also find the location of the food. If you want to go to the bathroom, you can find the location of the bathroom according to the pylon sign.

Aluminum pylon sign

  • The material is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, engineering-grade, or high-strength reflective film, which has a good reflective effect at night.
  • According to the national standard size, cut aluminum plate, and reflective film (square, round).
  • Wash the aluminum plate, polish the aluminum plate with a white clean cloth to make the surface of the aluminum plate rough, wash it with water, and dry it.
  • Use a hydraulic press to attach the reflective film to the cleaned aluminum plate for use.
  • Computer typesetting patterns and texts, and using computer engraving machines to directly draw pictures and texts on the reflective film.
  • Carve the engraved pattern and the silk-screened pattern onto the aluminum plate of the base film with a rubber scraper.

Wooden pylon sign

The main material of the wooden signposts in the tourist area is anti-corrosive wood. The appearance of this pylon sign is more beautiful. And anti-corrosion wood can be used directly outdoors, waterproof, and not afraid of bad weather.

LightBox pylon sign

There is also a material made of lightboxes. This kind of pylon sign is very popular nowadays, mainly used in commercial streets. It can easily attract customers' attention. Especially in the gas stations or 4s car repair stores, Lightbox pylon signs are useful and functional. It can not only give a bright price to appealing customers but also name the store in an outstanding position and customers can easily remember it.

Anti Display is a commercial display manufacturer focusing on outdoor signages design, production, and sales. We have our own factory that can help you produce your customized pylon sign. Whether you need a single pylon for the park or need an outdoor pylon sign for a big project. Our skilled team will help you create a functional signage board at an economical cost.