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A Frame Signs

A-frame signs and sidewalk signs are usually A framed or molded plastic signs used to guide passersby to your location. These logos give us the flexibility to frequently change content, so we can often change some fresh content. A-frame signs also provide a quick, cost-effective way to attract people's attention to sales, events, or new product promotions. In our lives, A-frame signs are very common billboards. The colorful A-frame signs can effectively attract people's attention during walking. Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars, and other storefront retailers that will attract a lot of people like it. Ant Display offer a large variety of frame signage in various material and style, check our page, and find your suitable signages.

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Different from led light backlit signages, A-frame signs are usually used to give daily information or temperate messages. The framing sign can be used to announce sales offers, promote daily special meals, and convey any information the retailer wishes to advertise. Its size is generally not very large, most of the shape is an A-shaped, durable, diverse appearance, the materials used for different roles of the A-frame card are also different.

A-frame sign

Where to use a A-frame sign?

  1. Catering

When we go shopping or shopping malls, we can see that many stores have this kind of A-frame sign on the outside. The contents on the above are generally the new products of their store or the main dishes of the day. The picture above is about the product, just like the poster.

  1. Shopping mall promotion

When we want to do promotional activities, we generally write the content of the promotional activities on the A-frame sign, and then put it at the gate. When the passing customers are interested, they will come to consult. Its volume is relatively small, and the floor space is not large, so the promotion of A-frame sign is allowed.

  1. Company recruitment

When recruiting employees, in addition to online recruitment and offline recruitment. We can print out the recruitment information and the requirements of the corresponding applicant, fix it on the A-frame sign, and place it next to our recruitment point. So that the applicant also can clearly know our needs.

  1. Charitable activities

We can often see a lot of public welfare activities or recruitment of willing people and some inspirational slogans, which can be displayed through the A-frame sign.

  1. Warning sign

We can see this type of A-frame sign in the parking lot, restaurant or construction site. It usually has some warning signs on it, such as: careful sliding, no parking or construction in progress, etc. Their biggest advantage is that they are almost indestructible and can withstand harsh external environments. Since they are not recessed or broken, they are an excellent signage choice for parking lots, restaurants and building areas.

Materials for the A-frame sign

For the catering or recruitment promotion A-frame, his A-frame material is usually aluminum alloy or iron. Use ABS corners on the four corners to place scratches. Their color is generally gold, silver or black, very strong, not easy to fall, will not rust or fall apart. Can be folded, easy to carry, and easy to carry, so it is very popular. The materials of posters are generally PVC/PP, photo paper, flags or exhibition boards.It is easy to install and replace. For warning signs, the material is generally PP or ABS, which has super toughness and is not easy to break.

Advantages of A-frame sign

  • Easy to carry
  • Durable and beautiful
  • Replaceable poster

Price of A-frame signs 

The material of the A-frame sign depends on its size, material and shape. The larger the size, the more expensive the price. General prices include posters.The content of the poster needs you to provide, we need to clear the PDF file, so that the printed poster will be clear and will not be deformed. We will also help you to install the poster, For warning signs, it is cheaper, and bulk purchase is more cost-effective.

Custom A-Frame Signage For Sale

A-frame signs and sidewalk signs are a cost-effective way to attract people's attention. It is extremely portable and can be brought indoors at the end of the day, or it can be quickly relocated at any time as needed. Ant display has a variety of signage racks to meet all your needs. Our outdoor standalone signs are made of durable plastic or metal and can be used in most weather conditions.On our website, you can find everything you need.

We also have a variety of A-frame signs to choose from. You can find your favorite style. We have the price, you can place the order directly. Then contact us, send the content picture or file you want to display, we will print it out and install it on the A-frame sign for you. If you need a warning sign, you can tell us the text, we will print the text on the warning sign. If you have any questions, you can tell us. We can solve all your doubts. Check our website and hope to bring more inspiration to your business.