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Light Box Sign

The lightbox sign is a compelling way to attract new customers. This unique way of adding can attract people's attention during the day and night. The customized light box lighting sign is very suitable for improving brand awareness, and can also provide a more attractive appearance for the company. If you want people to be able to clearly see your brand, your product, one of the best ways is to use customized light box signs. The lightbox is a kind of colorful graphics, which can not only promote your products during the day, but also attract more attention at night. Promote your products and brands 24 hours a day.

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The main function of customized light box signs is to produce a strong visual impact. Its unique design makes it easier for customers to recognize your company logo and establish contact with the services you provide. When we saw the light box sign, the cinema might be the first place we thought of. Our backlit poster frame with subtle and eye-catching light box advertising posters is one of our most convincing advertising works. Retail stores and business waiting rooms can also hang these light box posters to display products they sell or major events to gain customer attention. Due to the use of a backlit frame, the promotional light box picture will definitely attract the attention of passers-by. Customized outdoor light box signs can be seen in storefronts, shopping malls, offices, squares, and so on.Led Lightbox Sign

Our original light box signage acts as a guide in the dark. Let your existing and potential customers find your company in the dark. These types of light box signs can effectively make your shop stand out in crowded areas or in crowded markets. This can increase the sales of your shop and effectively increase your business.

Outdoor & indoor light box sign

If your business or store is located on a busy main road or a crowded city street. We can use exquisite light boxes to attract the attention of drivers or pedestrians on the road. The lighthouse will send a signal that there is a safe harbor at sea that can be navigated the same. The light box sign also tells passers-by that your shop can shop and eat.

In addition to being used as outdoor signs, light boxes are also very effective indoors. Whether it is announcing the presence of other businesses in different departments, sales counters or shared locations, these headlight signs will easily help you attract customers. The light box can also be placed in the front or side window of a shop or mall to promote its products and services to the public. The most common in the mall is the mall retail kiosk, the kiosk will use the lightbox sign to attract customers' attraction.

Restaurant light box sign

The main reason why we open restaurants is to attract customers. Not only do we want the food to be delicious, but we also want our customers to have a better appearance for our restaurant. Let customers feel the benefits of the store visually. The way to customers' hearts lies not only in their stomachs but also in their senses. A unique and customized light box sign not only attracts diners during the day but also has a more prominent and obvious effect at night. Our lightbox sign can be produced according to the shape, size, and color you want.

Shopping mall light box sign

This one is very suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets and parking lots. This type of light box is very suitable for a relatively large area of publicity. For example, supermarkets and business centers are doing activities today. At this time, we need to choose relatively large light boxes. This way we can all attract people's attention from afar.

Custom LED Lightbox Sign For Sale

For each project, we only use the most durable and safest materials to make the light box sign. For example, the most durable metal, waterproof connection, UL certified electronic parts and the highest quality and thickest insulated wire will be used. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the light box sign.

Our light box sign not only has a good-looking appearance. It can also be installed quickly while ensuring safety. The most important thing is to keep it running for the next few years. We have a professional design team. The designer team has relatively high creativity and sensitivity to the product brand, which can create a perfect sign for you. We will design your own original design according to your product characteristics and product LOGO. We will perfectly integrate existing logos and artworks into new projects. The purpose is to show your company's good brand image.

Anti Display has made many kinds of light boxes for different occasions. The light boxes on the retail kiosks in shopping malls are based on the size of the cabinet and the needs of customers to make the corresponding light box signs. There are also light box signs in stores and large supermarkets. We customize them according to your needs.