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Outdoor Digital Signage

Are you looking for unique outdoor digital signage? Digital signage has become a popular communication channel between enterprises and customers. Just as companies can use digital signage to communicate with customers in the store, digital signage can also be used to communicate with customers outside the store. Enterprises can use this outdoor digital signage to attract potential customers to enter the store. Companies can also use remote outdoor digital signage at bus stations and subway stations to build their own brands and promote special offers. No matter what size outdoor digital signage you need, no matter what you are advertising, Ant Display got you covered. Browse our page and find your ideal outdoor signages.

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Get The Top-Quality Outdoor Digital Signage From Ant Display

Outdoor signages are usually used in the street for advertising or show road signs. Most of the outdoor signage are backlit posters while others are digital solutions. Outdoor digital signage offers a great possibility to display and change the information in a fast and efficient way. It not only provides a modern outlook but also easy to operate and maintain.outdoor digital signage

Weather adapted to outdoor digital signage

Since outdoor display stands are used outdoors for a long time, outdoor pavilion display stands can withstand various weather types. It can withstand moisture, rain, and snow. The outdoor display in Ant Display can withstand heavy rain and work normally in bad weather conditions without auxiliary protective cover. The independent outdoor digital signage screen is more convenient to use and can help you avoid maintenance problems.

Outdoor digital signage adapts to various light intensity

Another environmental consideration for outdoor digital signage is the impact of sunlight. In order to enable people to clearly see the content of outdoor digital signage from different angles, it must compete with the brightness of daylight. Of course, under different sunshine levels, the screen will need to display different brightness. If the brightness of the screen display exceeds the requirements, the screen will consume unnecessary power. If the brightness of the screen display is insufficient, it will be difficult for people to recognize your outdoor advertisement. Ant Display’s outdoor digital signage displays all have an ambient light sensor in response to changing brightness levels. The built-in dimming sensor will automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light to optimize the visibility during the day or night while maintaining the effective operating costs of the enterprise. It has excellent clarity and visibility even in bright sunlight.

Easily manage outdoor digital signage

Many vendors will feel hard to install and manage outdoor digital signage. On the contrary, outdoor digital signage just offers an easy and efficient way to display products and a new revolution to advertising.

Fast Operate Software

First, after installing the outdoor digital signage, you need to fill the signage with content. Because outdoor digital signage is difficult to reach and spread all over the city, you can easily manage it through outdoor advertising management software. Outdoor advertising management software allows users to change the content of their outdoor digital signage from anywhere. Using these software platforms, you can use a simple web interface on the laptop to change the advertising content on the screen. Very easy to use and convenient.

Display the right information content

Second, make sure your digital signage software allows you to arrange for assets to be displayed at a predetermined time. This feature is very useful for the restaurant owner because he can display different menu promotions during breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. It is also frequently used in movie theaters because the theater may want to display the content of a particular movie before it is released. No matter what your business is and what you need to show, outdoor digital signage in And display can help you achieve it.

Remote Control 

Finally, outdoor digital signage needs to be connected to the Internet. Because outdoor digital signage requires a wireless connection to the Internet to use outdoor digital signage management software. If your sign is directly outside your business location and is in the store’s WiFi network, you can choose to connect the outdoor signage to a WiFi connection. If your outdoor signs are all over the city, you need to connect these signs to the cellular network. They have built-in hardware that allows signage to connect to mobile networks. If you have any questions, please contact us

Custom Outdoor Digital Signage For Sale

Because digital signs are more likely to attract the attention of passers-by because their eyes will automatically be attracted by color and movement. People can see digital billboards from a great distance, their brightness and rotating images/videos are more eye-catching, and static billboards are easily overlooked. Traditional billboards will fade, flake off, become dirty and change color, while typical LED bulbs can be used for a long time. With outdoor digital signage, you can pass on more information to customers. As promotions, marketing information and prices continue to change, you need to update and adjust content frequently. Outdoor digital signage can be managed remotely without updating advertisements. Using outdoor digital signboards can save you time, money, resources, and make you focus on operating your business. 

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