Digital Kiosk

digital kioskAre you looking for digital kiosks? Digital kisok is one of the most popular advertising and brand promotion programs. Digital kiosk has self-service equipment that can provide services such as registration, photo printing, payment, and order products. This can better help customers and provide high-efficiency services to get customers' goodwill. We can place the digital kiosk in places with heavy traffic, such as building entrances, waiting areas, near concession booths, retail aisles, etc. They can also be seen everywhere in airports, banks, shopping malls, parks, and hospitals. 

Ant display provides high-quality and competitive digital kiosks for sale. Whether you are a start-up or a large enterprise, a Digital kiosk is a good choice. They can promote your brand and provide a good experience for customers. More importantly, digital kiosks are very conspicuous in public places, and customers can see them at first glance. The digital kiosk can also be used as a sign. When it is placed in the mall lobby, people can clearly see the location information, which is convenient for customers to find the destination to save time and energy. If you are looking for digital kiosks, please stop and browse them on Ant display.

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Digital kiosk is usually suitable to be placed in public areas for easy viewings, such as shopping malls, airports, and grocery stores. Businesses usually use it to promote brands, display promotional activities and provide self-service. They can act as a medium for a large number of services and goods, which can enhance the customer experience and goodwill. Digital kiosk is very popular among fast-food chains and fast-food restaurants because customers can make an order by themselves. This can shorten the waiting time of guests in line, and the restaurant can operate more freely, effectively, and efficiently. You can also use the digital kiosk to provide movie ticket printing, bank statements, and deposit services to reduce the workload of surrounding employees.

Digital kiosk location and usage

digital kiosk

Lobby digital kiosk: map, facility information, rolling news, and welcome information

Hotel digital kiosk: welcome guests, display facilities, local map, and event list

Museum digital kiosk: exhibition information, video or animation introduction, planning of visiting routes, inspection, and purchase of souvenirs

Airport digital kiosk: check flight arrival and departure time, baggage claim instructions, frequently asked questions, check and purchase air tickets

Self-service digital kiosk: self-service purchase of display items, customer loyalty programs, sales, and advertising

Digital kiosk introduction

There are a variety of digital kiosks on the market to meet different requirements. For example, freestanding digital kiosks, wall-mounted digital kiosks, tablet information kiosks. A free-standing digital kiosk refers to the ability to stand independently without installation. The free-standing digital kiosk is the most common and most used one because it is used in almost all situations and is easy to use. The wall-mounted information kiosk is mainly installed on the wall. These are usually located in public places such as banks and movie theaters. They do not occupy space but can bring convenience to people's lives. The tablet computer digital kiosk is the smallest and is mainly used in large offices and buildings that users can use independently.

Category of digital kiosk

digital kioskFreestanding digital kiosk

Digital kiosks are independent and independent units. You can choose between vertical and horizontal screens according to your requirements. If you need a freestanding digital kiosk that matches the store decoration, we recommend customizing the exclusive style. You can add fashionable, retro, high-end, or novel styles, which are not only eye-catching but also add an atmosphere of embellishment. Our designers can reflect them on the 3D design drawings, and you can see the final effect. The digital kiosk sold by Ant display is very suitable for commercial use. They have a sturdy metal shell, which can protect the digital kiosk from harm to the greatest extent.

Interactive digital kiosk

Interactive digital kiosks provide viewers with fascinating pictures and text content through a friendly interface. People can take the initiative to update real-time feedback information to benefit more people. Interactive digital kiosks have many uses. Including retail, cash or credit card payment, wayfinding, travel, information sharing, etc. The interactive kiosk supports an Internet connection, and you can view the saved signs even when the network is disconnected. Digital kiosk and signage content are fully customizable and can be updated remotely.

Landscape Digital Information Kiosk

Landscape digital kiosk is a 3D model way to show the surrounding landscape, and show the real effect according to the customer's angle and position. It gives people a feeling of being in it, and it changes with different realizations. The landscape digital kiosk makes up for the difference in the horizontal display of the flat digital kiosk, making people's lives more convenient. The landscape digital kiosk is usually used for wayfinding maps with directions and programs that allow widescreen viewing formats.

Outdoor digital kiosk

Outdoor digital kiosks can withstand harsh environments and are very suitable for outdoor use. We usually use it in outdoor tall buildings for display and promotion. Such as municipal buildings, zoos, highway intersections, airports, outdoor shopping centers, outdoor advertising, and amusement parks and arenas.

Why choose Ant Display?

Ant Display provides good-looking and convenient usage digital kiosks. Just tell us your needs, we can help you choose a suitable one. Delivery time is 7-12 working days. Ant Display is good at designing and producing digital kiosks. The digital kiosk has a specific mode that can prevent all wrong operations when it is locked. In this way, you can place your digital kiosk to be tampered with by customers or employees, and increase the security of use. No matter what size, color, style, and materials of kiosks you need, you can find good solutions here.