Pedicure Cart

Pedicure cart plays an very important role in retail salon shops and beauty shops. All Manicurists understand the importance of pedicure cart. They will comes with many storage drawers, you can use them to storage your tools and nail polish etc. And they will comes with wheels at bottom, so you can move them to different places freely, it is very convenient. They can make the manicurists work very comfortabe. The workers just need to push then can adjust the distance between them and customers. And they can add adjustable legs if you need, so you can adjust the heights as your needs. When you choose a pedicure cart, you need to take these points into consideration: its look, storage space, Mobility and durability.


Ant display limited is an expert in making customized shop furniture, we can supply different kinds of pedicure cart, nail manicure table, pedicure chairs and equipments. Our pedicure carts can do different colors, size and styles for your choice. They can meet your different needs. We supply pedicure carts in different grades, we have high-end pedicure carts, mid-range and cheap pedicure carts for your choice. They will come with drawers, pull out board, holders and cabinets, and they will come with durable universal wheels. Our pedicure carts not only have modern look, also very durable. Their surface are finished by water-proof and heat proof materials. We have ABS plastic pedicure carts, metal pedicure cart, wooden pedicure carts for your choice. Their surface is water-proof, easy clearn. And they have locks, you can lock your products and tools, it is very safe.


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5 features you need to consider when choose pedicure cart


pedicure cart

  1. Enough storage space

If you want your store to look neat and tidy, use the space reasonably. Then a pedicure cart is a good choice. Although it is small, but it can storage a lot of tools and products. So when you chooe the pedicure cart, you need choose carts which have enough cabinets and drawers.

  1. Easy to maintain

You need to take the surface materials into consideration. Because when you do pedicure, there will need nail polish, some water and tools. So the surface need be easy clearn. Stone and stainless steel will work.

  1. Durability

When you choose pedicure cart, you need to choose durable one. Because you will need always move the pedicure cart, so the wheels need to be very strong and flexiable. We will use brand wheels, they can work very long time. All hardware will be durable metal hardware.

  1. Its color and look

Well, when you choose the pedicure cart, you’d better choose something can match your shop whole color theme. This way they will match your shop theme, will looks better.

  1. If it meet your budget

When you choose a pedicure cart, you need take your budget into consideration. If your budget enough can choose pedicure cart with high-end materials and set up. If your budget small can choose something simple but functional.

Our pedicure carts mainly inlcude the following several types:

  1. With Seat Manicure Pedicure cart

Not all pedicure carts come with seat. But some beauty shop want pedicure carts come with seats, this way they no need do extral sofa for customers. They will have several drawers under the seats, can make full use of space.

  1. Traditional pedicure cart

Traditional pedicure cart will comes with drawers under countertop, they can used to storage the tools and nail polish. The countertop will used to put some tools which will use.

  1. Glass top pedicure cart

This kind pedicure cart countertop is used tempered glass, it is very durable and easy clearn.

  1. Portable pedicure cart

If you are join exhibition or just do nail&pedicure business in a temporary place, need always change locations, you can choose portable pedicure carts. This kind pedicure cart is very light and flexiable.


We can supply pedicure carts in different materials. We have wooden pedicure carts, metal pedicure cart and plastic pedicure carts for your choice.And we do customize service, we can help design the pedicure cart as your needs and size. Welcome to contact us for more details!