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Portable Massage Table

A portable massage table is a common kind of massage table. In addition to the function of a massage table, the biggest feature is that it is folded. This saves storage space, is very convenient to carry, and is very convenient to use, so it is very popular. The problem of insufficient space in homes and massage places is solved. Moreover, the height and length of most portable massage tables can be adjusted automatically, which can be adjusted within a certain range to fully satisfy people of different heights. It makes people feel more comfortable lying on it. The body is fully relaxed. A portable massage table is widely used in foot bath shops, beauty salons, physiotherapy hospitals, baths, and other places.

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Any part of the portable massage table can be folded up. After being folded, it looks like a big leather box, wrapped in a special packaging bag. It can be conveniently placed in any corner. You can also take it with you when traveling at home. The legs of the portable massage table can be fine-tuned within a certain range. The problem of uneven ground is fully solved. It makes the bed more stable and does not have the problem of shaking, making people more comfortable lying on it.Portable Massage Table

Most Popular Design With Foldable Massage Table

  • (1) A portable massage table can help users relax their whole body, play a role in eliminating fatigue, reducing stress, and improving sleep quality.
  • (2) A portable massage table can improve the lymphatic system of the body and has a certain detoxification effect. Such performance is very helpful to the balance of the user's blood circulation and body functions.
  • (3) A portable massage table can also dredge the meridians and relax the body and mind, which is very helpful for the continuation of the user's vitality and can help the user to stay away from sub-health.
  • (4) A portable massage table can also promote human endocrine and improve gastrointestinal function to a certain extent. A portable massage table generally has acupoint massage and hot compress functions. This can enhance the body's immunity and promote the recovery of some joint diseases.

Material and quality check

Portable massage table is usually made of wood or aluminum frames. When comparing portable massage tables of the same quality level, the two materials can be equally strong and have the same working weight threshold. However, the entry-level aluminum is weaker than the professional-grade materials used in the advanced version. The aluminum frame directly affects the service life of the portable massage table and may cause dents or bending over time. If you choose wood, you can have more styles to choose from. And the wooden one is more aesthetic. When you receive the wooden portable massage table, you can check the frame first to see if there are common wood defects, such as bumps and cracks.

Top Quality Components

Considering the safety of customers, what should be mentioned when buying a portable massage table?

Sturdy hinge: This helps to support the weight of the customer and the pressure of the entire portable massage table.

Steering wheel knob: Ideally, two steering wheels are safer; because it can be used as a failsafe device.

Rubber feet: Rubber can better hold the table and prevent the table from sliding on tiles and wooden floors. This can prevent the work table from slipping out from under the patient during up and down operations, and also prevent the work table from slipping out during the treatment process.

Width: When choosing a portable massage table, the width is very important. First of all, the most important thing is that you need to choose a table that will fit a variety of different body types. Regardless of the size or shape of the customer, making them feel comfortable is essential to the success of the business, and the width of the form plays a key role in it

Length: Since the height of the guests varies greatly, the length of the portable massage table is essential to ensure the best comfort for the guests. The standard length of most tables is 73 inches, which should fit the length of most customers. However, for backup, it is recommended to prepare two longer portable massage tables. An additional 5-9 inches can be added for customer use.

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