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Massage Chair

When we have finished a busy day at work, we often feel sore and stiff. At this time, there is nothing more relaxing than a massage. However, because of time problems, it is difficult for you to go to the massage shop every day to give you a good massage. It is indeed a good idea to choose a massage chair at this time. The massage chair uses mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to squeeze to massage, which can dredge meridians, circulate qi and blood, and maintain the body's yin and yang balance. Therefore, after the massage, you can feel muscle relaxation and flexible joints, which inspires the spirit and eliminates Fatigue plays an important role in ensuring good health. Ant Display supply several modern design functional massage chair, commercial spa chair at an affordable cost. 

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Ant display supply different kinds of massage chairs, When you choose, you need according to your own budget and needs. The massage chair suitable for you can help you relieve pain, relieve stress, improve sleep, and benefit your health. Here are some different kinds of massage options we supply:massage chair

Massage cushion

The most economical one is the massage chair cushion. When you need a massage, you can put it on the chair or sofa. Although the force exerted by the massage cushion is limited compared to the large massage chair, it has its unique functions.

Commercial Massage Chair

With the development of the economy, more and more businesses went into shopping malls and public places. Starting a massage kiosk in a mall is considers a profitable business idea.  Ant Display supply lots of portable commercial massage chair and massage table at economy price. 

Ordinary massage chair

When we search for massage chairs on the Internet, the search engine will show all the massage chairs, it is difficult for us to know the difference. Ordinary massage chair generally refers to a chair for back massage.

Full body massage chair

The full-body massage chair is the first choice of all household leisure and relaxation equipment. This type of massage chair can usually act on all parts of the body such as the head, neck, back, arms, waist, legs, and feet, allowing users to enjoy the true meaning. Full body massage. It also has air pressure, hot compress and other functions, which can bring a better experience to users. Because of its complete functions, the price is usually expensive.

Portable massage chair

You can usually see the shadow of this type of massage chair in the mall. The portable massage chair is easy to fold and convenient to store, which is very suitable for carrying when traveling. If you want something easy to take and convenient can choose a portable massage chair,it as usually slight and small.

Office massage chair

For programmers, gamers, Internet writers, and other people who spend a lot of time on the computer, the office massage chair is a good choice. These chairs may look like ordinary office chairs, but they are equipped with heating and physical massage equipment.

What questions you may have before ordering the massage chair?

  1. what benefits massage chair have?

A: massage chair can help relax your body and the pain area, especially your neck, back, and waist. Gentle massage help promote your blood circulation, let your muscles relax, and achieve self-healing.

Our massage chairs have controllers and buttons to adjust different strengths and positions, so you can choose them in a targeted manner when using them.

  1. What Is the Best Price for a Massage Chair?

A: the massage chair price of course depends on the style and quality, function. The best is you can choose the suitable one you want at a suitable price. If you just use it when free time, not always use, you can choose a normal one, if you always use it, and want long time users can choose a high-quality massage chair.

  1. Is the massage chair safe?

A: massage chair as usually is very safe. It is a device for external use. But if your back or neck have skin damage, then don’t suggest use. Massage will speed up blood circulation, not conducive to your wounds.

  1. How to take care of your massage chair?
  • 1) After the massage chair is used continuously for 30 minutes, let the machine rest for fifteen minutes, which can extend the life of the machine.
  • 2)Do not place the massage chair in a wet environment such as a bathroom or in the sun-exposed to the balcony light. It should be placed in a dry, ventilated room that avoids direct sunlight. This can prevent the premature aging of the massage chair and ensure safe use. Lifetime is good.
  • 3) When not in use, do not put heavy objects on the massage chair, and do not put sharp objects to prevent scratching the massage chair. In addition, if there are children at home, do not let the children jump on and play on it.
  • 4)If you do not use the massage chair for a long time, you can use a dust cover to cover the machine to prevent it from falling into the dust.

Wholesale Massage Chair For Sale

Ant display is a factory located in Shenzhen, China, here we have massage chairs materials suppliers near us, to can get the cost materials.we can give you is factory price with super high quality. if you are interested in buying a massage chair, just feel free to contact us for more details.