Protein Kiosk


In recent years, more and more people have bought protein powder, and protein powder has become more and more popular. Protein powder is nutrient-rich in protein, which can help improve immunity, strengthen physical fitness, and supplement nutrition. It is very suitable for people with weak physical fitness and low immunity. So more and more people start selling protein powder. If you also want to do a protein powder business, open a protein display kiosk in the mall will be a good choice. You can open a protein kiosk in a shopping mall, in the gym, in a hospital, or pharmacy. There are many places for your choice. A protein kiosk design usually will have an of lot display cabinets with shelves outside, inside will have cabinets with doors for storage.

Are you still looking for a quality protein kiosk supplier to help build your kiosk? Come here! Ant display limited is a leading company specialize in making customized mall kiosks. Here on our web, you will find many unique and creative protein kiosk design ideas. If you want to create your own model, can just tell us your needs, our professional design team will help you design the protein kiosk. After you confirmed the design, our workshop will follow the design to build the protein display booth.

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What preparations do you need to do start a protein business?

protein display kiosk

1.Find a suitable protein powder supplier.

Before you order protein, you need to check what people prefer what kind of protein, like brand, taste, grade, etc. Then follow these to search a suitable and high-quality protein supplier, order the protein you need to sell.

2.Find a good location to put your protein kiosk

We all know that a good place is very important for doing business. You can choose the corridors of the shopping malls, next to the hospital, or the gym, some places where there is a large demand for protein powder and a large flow of people.

3.Purchase the necessary machines and equipment

You have to think about what machines you need to use. Some people sell beverages and snacks while selling protein powder. This requires some other machines. You have to prepare the machines you need in advance.

4.Buy the protein display booth to start your business

Finally, you need to find a good protein kiosk manufacturer to buy a kiosk. Many people prefer customized protein kiosks. The customized mall kiosk can meets your various requirements and it is very unique and beautiful.


Process of custom protein display cabinet

protein kiosk design

1.Integrate your ideas and requirements

Before you start to customize the protein display showcase, you need to know what style and color you want, what usage requirements you need to meet, what machines you have, how you want to layout, and so on.

2.Find a professional design team to help finish the design plan

If you already have requirements and your own ideas, the next step is to find a dedicated design team to help you make a detailed design plan. You can see the effect of kiosks through design. At the same time, professional design and drawings are required by the mall for approval.

3.Look for protein kiosk manufacturer to build the kiosk for you

After passing the review, you need to find a professional supplier to help you build this protein cabinet. Before choosing a supplier, you should carefully examine the supplier's product quality and service. Ant display is a supplier specializing in the design and production of customized kiosks. We have more than 12 years' experience.

4.Arrange to ship the protein kiosk

After production finished, the supplier will pack it and send you by sea. After you received you need to assemble the kiosk then can open your business.


Why you can choose Ant display limited to make the protein kiosk for you?

  1. Experienced design team to give you perfect design

The design is very important, on one hand, it can show how the kiosk looks like and your needs, on the other hand, malls also need a professional design plan for approval.

  1. Strict quality inspection team to help you control the quality

During production, the quality check is very important. We have a strict quality inspection team, from the wood body make to surface finish to assemble progress, each step will be checked carefully to ensure give you nice work.

  1. The responsible sales team helps you solve various problems

From design to production to delivery, if you have any problems or any places need help, can find the sales team, we will try best to help you.

  1. Professional workers to give you exquisite workmanship

Our workers already specialize in making customized kiosks for more than 10 years, they know the structure and details well. So can give you very various problems.


What questions you will have before ordering the protein kiosk?

1.How will you pack the kiosk? Is it safe?

A: Our package is very safe. Firstly we will use EFE foam to protect all corners. Second, we will use Pearl cotton to protect all frames and cabinet surfaces. Finally, we will pack the cabinet use a hardwood box. So it is very durable and safe.

2.How long you will need for production?

A: After your side confirms the order and received your deposit, we will start production. The production progress will need about 25-28 workdays.

3.You will ship it assembled or not? Is assemble complicated?

A: Yeah we will ship the kiosk assembled. Assemble is very easy, before the finish we will finish all assemble. We will go wires, do electricity, add lights, logos, signs, glass, etc. Just considering shipping we will divide the kiosk into several sections. We will do a assemble guideline send you with kiosk together. After you received it, just connect wires between and connect electricity then can use. It is very easy, just 1-2 days can finish.


If you are still having a headache choosing which supplier to customize this protein kiosk for you, you can come to Ant display limited. We will help you solve design problems and help you make a high-end protein display booth.