Honey Kiosk

With the rapid development of lifestyle, people pay more attention to physical and mental health. It is a good idea to open a honey kiosk in the mall. For customers, they can easily buy honey while shopping. Merchants can also benefit from it, which is a win-win situation. Honey is a kind of natural food that is beneficial to the human body. The main ingredients are fructose and glucose. It contains minerals, organic acids, and other ingredients. The main function of honey is to restore fatigue, moisturize the lungs and relieve alcohol, sleep peacefully, heal wounds.

The honey kiosk is a better place to showcase honey in a good way. The honey kiosk is very helpful to promote the brand image and facilitate the release of new products for sale. Ant Display has more than 18 years of experience in designing and building unique honey kiosks. Honey kiosk design must meet the mall rules and show company culture well. The honey kiosk manufacture depends on the approval honey kiosk design. No matter how special the honey kiosks you need, you can find a better solution in Ant display. Here are the honey kiosk designs. Please choose one as the base design.

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The honey kiosk is considered a special food kiosk or gift kiosk in the mall. Because the honey kiosk is mainly used to display different flavors of honey. Customers can easily find and buy their favorite flavors. Therefore, the most important area is the display shelf and showcase cabinet. Since honey is produced by bees, honey kiosks usually use bee logos and honeycomb decorations. It is a symbol of the honey kiosk, which leaves a deep impression on people.

honey kioskHow to start a honey business in the mall?

1. Find high-quality honey

We need to find honey manufacturers first to ensure that the honey is fresh and of high quality. The long-term supply of high-quality honey is the key to business success. Buying directly from the beekeeper is also a good idea, but we need to spend time and effort to deal with it and fit for sale.

2. The established brand

If it’s the first business, enjoy a brand is a good choice. Brand placement can provide sales training, stable supply, sales strategy, etc. Otherwise, make a novel brand logo, determine the brand culture, and then operate carefully, which has been recognized by the public.

3. Rent a place in the mall

Most store managers have requirements for the merchants that settle in. If you have a brand, the next preparations will become easier. Renting the location size to install a honey cabinet is according to the investment and mall requirements. Clients can also enjoy service in certain spaces.

4. Choose a honey kiosk and start a business

The most important thing is to purchase a honey kiosk for business. The honey display booth is where people buy honey. The honey kiosk includes a display shelf, counter, cabinet, display stand, cashier counter, etc. Brand logo and poster add to the honey showcase for advertising.

Types of honey booth

There are many different kinds of a honey booths in the shopping center, they fit the different locations and meet special requirements. Just choose a suitable honey booth kiosk in Ant Display and start your business.

Honey showcase counter

The height of the honey display cabinet is limited, and it is usually installed in the middle of the mall. It can place honey well. It has different shapes, styles, and can add brand logos on the surface.

Honey display stand

The honey display stand has a display shelf that has multiple layers with a light lamp. This honey display stands set behind the honey kiosk to show more products.

Honey cart kiosk

Honey cart style has limited sizes, it is fit for a small business idea. Honey cart kiosk usually has wheels at the bottom, so it can move distance easily.

honey display showcase

How to buy a customize honey kiosk?

Every honey kiosk is different in size, style, shape, layout. We should focus on the honey kiosk decoration. Please note that the decoration of the honey kiosk should be in the rental area and comply with the mall regulations. Here are 3 steps to build the customize honey kiosk.

The honey kiosk design step

Design is the first step to make the honey kiosk. We should discuss all the details about the honey showcase. Then design team creates a 3D design, which includes design effect photos and technique drawing with detailed information. The design part needs about 3-5 workdays, and it may need more time to confirm the final honey showcase design.

Honey kiosk produces a step

Produce start after confirm the honey kiosk design. Workers first build the wood body of the honey display cabinet. Then surface treatment to achieve the desired effect. Wires, light lamps, drawers, and sockets were added as the final step. And this honey kiosk is finally complete in this step.

Honey kiosk installation details

The kiosk installation and assembly are complete in the workshop. However, each counter package individually for delivery. When receiving the honey kiosk, just put in the correct location and connection wires.

Why choose Ant Display to customize the honey showcase?

Professional honey kiosk design

You can get a professional and useful honey kiosk design in Ant Display. Designers create 3D design models according to special ideas. They will add new elements to make the honey counter looks better.

Good quality material

Ant Display has a purchasing department to find cost-effective materials. Everyone will get good-quality honey kiosks at a better good price. Whenever you need special raw materials, Ant Display will give you good solutions.

After-sale service

Whether you purchase from Ant Display for the first time or purchase multiple times, you can get good service. From the beginning of design to production, installation to after-sales, we will strive to provide better service.

Fast Delivery

Ant display has its own 2000 square meters factory, including a cutting workshop, wooden cabinet assembly workshop, paint room, installation workshop, exhibition hall, and packing workshop. We can precisely control the production process and production time. All steps show directly to the owner and delivered when the honey kiosk is ready.