E-Cigarette Kiosk

Cigarette kiosk a good business idea. Due to the increasing popularity of e-cigarette products, many people buy a cigarette kiosk and make a fortune. There are many different kinds of e-cigarette kiosks, includes wood cigarette stand, glass display showcase, metal cabinets, etc. It is also in different shapes, like squared shape, round shape, L shape, and even U shape and retail cart display. Whether you open your first business or making a b investment, you can get the right display cabinet.

A cigarette stand is a better place to showcase and sell e-cigarettes. It is good to use in the shopping center, retail shops, and even evens. You can find all kinds of cigarette kiosks in Ant Display. A luxury smoke kiosk attracts eyes’ attention and makes the shop outstanding. Any new ideas allowed to add to the cigarette kiosk, the professional designer will help with it. Here are some popular cigarette kiosk styles. Please choose one that fits you well.

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Customize E-cigarette Kiosk in Shopping Mall

Mall kiosk is an important part in small business ideas. Because it requires small start-up capital and needs a small location. Before opening the business, we can use a glass display cabinet to show and sell e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are regarded as a healthy substitute for cigarettes and are popular among people. In this case, we can buy a unique mall e-cigarette kiosk and earn money.

An E-cigarette display cabinet is used for the display of e-cigarettes, smoke, and related products. Its size and color can change based on specific requirements. The e-cigarette kiosk usually has multi-layer glass display shelves, which is good to place different kinds of cigarette products. Each layer has a light lamp to illuminate the products, especially bright and prominent.

E-cigarette kioskStyles of e-cigarette showcase

E-cigarettes can make in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs to fit the different locations. Therefore, checking the location details with the shopping center is very necessary. When following the mall rules to build the smoke cabinet, usually makes opening easier.

Squared smoke cabinet style

A smoke cabinet in a squared shape is a common style in the shopping center. It usually has full glass display cabinets on four sides. A high stand was also added to show the brand name and posters to attracts the eye’s attention.

Round shape smoke stand

Smoke cabinet in round shape mainly to avoid sharp edge as protection. This will increase the display area of the product. And let more people see directly. The bottom area usually uses for both advertising and storage.

U shape cigarette showcase

When is it better to use a U-shaped smoke cabinet? It is very suitable when getting a small size location. Those who start their first business and don’t want to spend much money can also choose U-shaped display cabinets. Moreover, U-shaped display cabinets are also used in large shops to enrich the types of counters

Individual cigarette counter

The individual cigarette counter is usually used in the 4 corners of the kiosk. They are usually higher than other counters and are mainly used to display best-selling and high-value products

Advantages of cigarette kiosk in Ant Display

  • Unique design work

Every people has unique ideas to make the cigarette kiosk. The design team in Ant Display makes wonderful kiosk designs based on special requirements. Design work includes 3D design effect photos and details drawing. The owner can view the real effect of the cigarette kiosk from both inside and outside. All the details, such as size, material, electronic plan, color, and separate counter plan, shows directly in the details drawing.

  • Superb production technology

The workers who build the unique cigarette kiosk are highly trained. They have more than 20 years of experience in building display showcases. Workers focus on the details and make cigarette kiosks according to the confirmed drawing.

  • Good quality cigarette counter

Material is a very important part of good quality. We choose good quality basic material and surface material to give good effect.

  • Professional sales service

Our salesperson is very professional and knows better about cigarette kiosk details. They can help you from design to order and also provide after-sale service. Whenever you have a question about the e-cigarette kiosk, just contact me without hesitation.

e-cigarette showcaseProcess of making a cigarette stand

First step: Build wood body

Wood body is the first step of production. Workers cut wood panels according to the kiosk size. Then put them together, and we can see the wood body looks.

Second step: Make finish effect

Different kinds of materials have different crafts to make a finish effect. Such as baking paint and laminate need different surface treatments. They bring us different visual effects.

Third step: Hidden wires and light lamp

This step is very important and needs much concentration. It leaves space for wires in advance and connects them one by one. Sockets and light lamps also complete in this step. And we can see how the cigarette kiosk looks when the lights turn on.

Fourth step: Assembly the cigarette showcase

We will assembly the cigarette showcase in the workshop to make sure everything works correctly. And the owner can also know how they will install when receiving the kiosk.

Finally: Clean kiosk

The last step is to clean the kiosk, and people can receive a clean and correct mall kiosk. There is a complete production process to build the cigarette showcase in a mall

How to installation the cigarette cabinet?

The kiosk is package in wood boxes for delivery. It can save space and can protect display showcase well. Therefore, when receiving the goods, just put them in the correct location and connect wires to a power supply. It’s very easy and can finish easily.