Trade Show Truss

Truss is widely used in exhibitions and many outdoor activities, outdoor exhibition activities. Truss construction is often used in celebrations, and the quality of the construction will also affect the final effect of the event. So what are the design requirements of the truss? Truss is a structure in which rod frames are connected to each other by hinges at both ends. The truss is composed of straight rods and generally has a plane or space structure with triangular elements. The truss rods mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so that the strength of the material can be fully utilized, and the material can be saved and the weight can be reduced when the span is large. The exhibition truss is composed of a series of parts and rod frames. They are very convenient for loading and unloading and transportation and are much cheaper than customized exhibition racks. They are usually very tall, so people will see them from far away, which can attract people's attention. Truss has gradually replaced traditional trade display methods. Our truss structure is a modular design, you can quickly complete the assembly without tools. The truss system is very strong and can be used for many years. And we provide customized service, size and color can be customized according to your requirements.

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The benefits of using a trade show truss

Why trade show truss is becoming more and more popular is because it has many advantages.

  1. Our trade show truss is very light and durable

They arr made of strong Aluminumm, sufrace will have powder coat finish to protect the surface. They are made of many small pieces, each module is very light and strong.

  1. Assemble is very easy

Just like assemble toys, you can just connect each section use buckles and knobs, no need other tools. And we supply assemble guideline, you can just follow the guideline to assemble to the truss system. They can supply a firm trade show exhibition platform.

  1. Easy customize

We can provide some island display trusses, counters and back walls that can be matched arbitrarily, as well as some parts and connection accessories. If you want a lighter one, you can choose aluminum or steel frame. They are very easy to assemble and transport. They are very easy to set up, and you can adjust the size according to your specific needs.

  1. They are suitable for any experience level

Regardless of whether you are attending the exhibition for the first time or have extensive exhibition experience, you can choose to exhibit truss structures. If you are still looking for an economical portable display booth, the truss structure will be a good choice. We can add unique graphics, logos and lighting to the truss structure to attract potential customers and convey information to people.


Ant display limited is a leading company specialize in making customized furniture 12 years. We can supply you different kinds of truss structure. All our structure are checked carefully before we pack to ensure all of them are durable and stable enough. Welcome to contact us for more details!