Stage Truss

The stage truss is a structure in which rods are connected to each other by hinges at both ends. The truss is composed of straight rods and generally has a plane or space structure with triangular elements. The truss members mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so as to make full use of the strength of the material. When the span is large, it can save material compared with solid web beams, reduce its own weight and Increase stiffness. The use of stage trusses is becoming more and more widespread. It completely subverts the cumbersome disassembly and assembly problems of the traditional stage frame, and it has many advantages: standardization of components; arbitrary combination assembly; not restricted by the geographical environment, adjustable height, and arbitrarily assembled according to the size of needs; integrated stage background, maximum bearable Eight-level gale, regardless of the wind level, the stage will not be separated or collapsed; it is cheap, practical, and cost-effective.

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Stage truss is an indispensable material for stage construction. It is a common metal structure in some stages, conference activities, promotional activities, and trade shows. The high-quality aluminum alloy is cut at high temperature to ensure the cleanliness of the material and make the appearance of the structure more lubricated. Because the screens and stages are mostly built outdoors or in other messy environments, it is believed that to ensure that the truss can be used for a long time in the day, a thin protective film is added to the surface of the truss to avoid rusting of the structure. Decay and protect the truss.

stage truss

Why more and more people choose aluminum alloy truss rather than iron or steel truss?

At present, for stage analysis frames on the market, their materials have also been continuously improved. For example, aluminum alloy truss has only emerged in recent years. Consumers’ favorite. Their advantages are not only conducive to the stability of lighting positioning, but also able to show different lighting effects. The biggest difference between the aluminum alloy frame and the general frame is in the material. Because of their aluminum alloy material, the truss has a certain degree of sturdiness and stability during use. They will not easily fail or have problems, let alone It will cause damage to the built-in lamps.

Therefore, when we choose a truss, if we want the lamps to be better protected, safer and more stable, then the aluminum alloy truss is a good choice.

So what are its specific advantages?

  1. Aluminum&Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance

Aluminum is different as iron, it is water-proof and very durable. So can use very long time, about 10-20 years.

  1. Good load-bearing and compressive capacity

Aluminum truss has a good compressive capacity, it can bear weight about 600KGS. So it can meet the stage, trade show and outdoor activities needs.

  1. Aluminum is light

Aluminum truss’s weight just about half of iron’s weight. So it can transport very easily, can help you save a lot transport cost and energy.


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