Lighting Truss

Light truss is one of the most popular trusses. It is usually made of some steel or aluminum tubular frames, which can be used to fix some lighting equipment and cables. Lighting trusses are used in some stages, temporary outdoor promotional activities, promotional activities, and trade shows. The material of the truss can be steel or aluminum. The steel frame is mainly used as the main load-bearing frame because India is better, and the aluminum frame is mainly used for the production of other parts. The light truss is very lightweight, very easy to carry, and durable, waterproof, sunscreen, and corrosion-resistant. The light truss allows you to easily hang some lighting equipment, video, audio and other stage equipment. Therefore, light trusses are used in many places with heavy traffic, concerts, large-scale gatherings, and commercial events. They can help connect lighting equipment and increase the atmosphere of the stage. The light truss is composed of many short shelves, which you can freely splice into many different shapes and sizes according to your needs.

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What advantages of the light truss?

  1. Light truss is very light

We will use aluminum to make the lighting trusses. Its weight is only about half of traditional iron, so the lighting truss is very easy to carry and you can use it many times. It can be removed and stored when not needed. Transporting lighting trusses can save a lot of time and cost.

  1. High stability

When designing the lighting truss, we will take into account the environment and terrain of your site, follow the principles of mechanics, and design and layout the structure reasonably so that it will not break or deform. It must not only be able to withstand bad weather, but also windproof, strong and durable.

  1. The height can be customized

We can customize trusses of different heights according to your needs, and provide a variety of styles for you to choose from.

In summary, compared to traditional trusses, the lighting truss is simple to install, uniformly illuminate, and convenient to carry. It can help you reduce labor costs and save installation time.

How to maintain a lighting truss?

  1. Avoid Bumps and scratches

As usually the light struss surface wil finished by paint or galvanized, so if hitted or scratched, the surface color will broken. It will affact its service life.

  1. Clean regularly

You need always clean the light truss surface carefully. You’d better use soft cloth clean the surface.


Why you choose our light struss?

  1. The porous installation is more firm

The multi-hole installation is more durable, which greatly increases the flexibility, convenience and installation performance

   2. The solder joints are fully soldered and flawless

All the welding parts of the analysis frame are a little bit of manual welding, exquisite workmanship, flawless, stable and durable installation protection.

  1. Thickened galvanized steel pipe material

Use high-density aluminum alloy pipes, each of which uses thickened steel pipes, strictly selected and polished, perforated standards, and neat cut surfaces

  1. Beautiful, reinforced and durable

Durable and strong, safe and stable, the entire production process is very strict, strong and durable, and the quality has been tested by multiple levels