Pop-up Banner

Why pop up banner called ''pop up'' is because it as usaully is retractable, very easy to open and shrink, very easy to operate. So it can appears in people’s views in several seconds. It can give people a strong sense of visual impact and play a very good publicity effect. You can use it for some promotion locations, from trade exhibition to Press conference, you can also use pop up banners for wedding and some outdoor activities. The pop up banners will fixed on a metal frame, this way the banner can stand on floor or fixed on wall, it is easy for you to assemble and disassemble. We also supply bags for the pop up banners, you can use the cloth bags to storage the banners, it is very easy to carry and move, very convenient. Pop up banner is the most popular trade exhibition style, it aim to attract people in a perfect way. It is easy to set up, easy carry, so it plays an very important role in adverting. Its has mdoern and attractive look, easy to assemble and move, is a suitable choice for meeting, outdoor promotion activities.

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  • Trade show booths
  • Press conferences
  • Grand openings
  • Fundraisers
  • Photo backdrops
  • Weddings

Why choose our pop up banners?

  1. Different materials for choice

For the banners materials, no matter you want what kind material, all can find on our web. We supply stain cloth, polyester film,PVC film for your choice. These materials are very durable, light and weather-proof. You can use it both outdoor and indoor.

  1. Easy to sep up and assemble

It comes with retractable strcucture and base, when you use the pop up banners you can just open it, when you no need use it, you can just close it and put it in a bag. It just need several second, very convenient.

  1. Comes with storage bag for you to stock banners

We will supply a durable bag for you to stock the banners when you no need use it. It can help protect your banners, very safe.

  1. Durable frames and racks supplied stain cloth, polyester film,PVC film for your choice.

We will supply metal frame and racks for you used to fix the banners when you use it. These frames are very durable and strong.

How to install pop up banners?

  1. First you have to take the pop up banners from your handbag and take out the base, pole and banner.
  2. Next, you have to put the base on the ground and fix the pole on the base
  3. You want to extend the banner from the base to the top of the pole.