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Stainless Steel Room Dividers

Metal elements are more integrated into contemporary life, especially giving home decoration design more charm, because everyone has their own understanding of life, many people are choosing a stainless steel room dividers suitable for partitioning, not only looks good but also add some ancient charm to home decoration. The traditional 4D pattern and black titanium brushed room dividers surface effect is full of alternative ancient rhythm and charm. Ant Display uses CNC machine cut and weld stainless steel room divider are very popular for hotel, office, and interior room decorations.  It not only make your space more elegant but also look clean, tidy, and easily organized. We have a large variety of modern patterns and styles available to choose, if you have your own texture and stripes need to custom, contact our team to learn more. 

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There are many types of room dividers, and stainless steel room dividers are one of them. Stainless steel room dividers are generally used for indoor furnishings and play a role in beautifying the interior and blocking the wind. There are many styles of stainless steel room dividers, which can reflect a classic temperament, but also can make a modern style.stainless steel room divider

Modern Metal Room Partitions For Sale

Stainless steel room dividers are also called stainless steel partitions, stainless steel lattices, or stainless steel walls. There are two welding processes in the production process, seam welding, and seamless welding. Seam welding is the effect of spot welding. Seamless welding is the effect of full welding and grinding and polishing. Since no gaps can be seen in the welding place, it is called seamless welding. According to the surface process effect, it can be divided into mirror surface (bright surface) stainless steel room dividers and brushed surface (matte surface) stainless steel room dividers.

Stainless Steel Room Separators Colors

According to the color plated on the surface, it can be divided into rose gold, bronze, green bronze, red bronze, titanium gold stainless steel room dividers, and so on. The reflective effect of the stainless steel mirror is stronger than that of wire drawing, but it is easy to scratch, and the wear resistance of stainless steel wire drawing is stronger. Usually, the mirror surface is mainly used outdoors. Brushing is mainly used indoors.

The room dividers can be said to be a decorative object with a long history, which has been able to bring mystery and warmth to space since ancient times. In ancient times, the room dividers mainly played a role of partitioning and visual occlusion, and also had a prominent decorative effect, with a certain spatial beautification ability. The room dividers material is diverse and the shape is changeable. It mainly divided into three types: seat room dividers, hanging room dividers, and surrounding room dividers. It can be seen in the hotel lobby, business office, and living room.

What are the advantages of stainless steel room dividers?

  1. The good surface color effect, in line with modern design aesthetics.

Stainless steel surface polishing process can make the stainless steel room dividers form a mirror effect, supplemented by electroplating color, it is quite colorful. It is quite suitable for high-end hotels, lobbies, clubs, private residences, and other places. Whether it is a matte surface, it has a mirror effect, and it can be matched with light, which is more suitable. In line with modern design aesthetics. This is incomparable with other materials.

  1. Wide application range and strong diversity

Wood gives an antique and typical temperament, but it is not suitable for all occasions. But the stainless steel room dividers can produce the same texture as the wood according to the wood, and the stainless steel room dividers have many different surface treatment effects. In addition, the size of the solid wood room dividers is affected by factors such as raw materials, which greatly reduces the quality and effect of the wood material. Stainless steel itself does not have the problem of large material size, and modern welding technology can process increased room dividers size, and the material of the room dividers can also be varied.

  1. Stable size, good quality, easy to store and maintain

Stainless steel materials have excellent mechanical properties, high hardness, good toughness, and corrosion resistance in metal materials, and are very comfortable in the use environment. The stainless steel room dividers produced are free from mildew, deformation, cracking, and moth-eaten. Good impact resistance.

Custom Stainless Steel Room Partitions For Sale

The design of the stainless steel room dividers is fashionable and sometimes more attractive than the furniture placed in front of it. Metal room dividers are bold and novel in materials and design. In terms of material selection, corrosive wood materials are often discarded and replaced by bright stainless steel materials. According to the instructions, in the past, room dividers were mainly used to separate spaces. Modern room dividers not only have beautiful decorative surfaces, and maintain good ventilation and light transmission in the space.

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