Portable Room Dividers

portable room dividersThe portable room divider is movable, easy to install, and convenient to use. It is a movable wall with general wall functions that divides large spaces into small spaces or connects small spaces into large spaces at any time according to needs. It is an independent space area that can play the role of multiple functions in one hall and multiple functions in one room. Portable room dividers bring great convenience to people's life and work, and it is also a good product conducive to interior space decoration design. The mobile partition screen is mainly used for decoration and shielding, which is very suitable for home use.

Ant Display has a variety of styles of portable room divider options, which can meet the actual needs of customers. Since the establishment of Ant display, we have been committed to the design, development, and production of room dividers. We have advanced production equipment, a professional team of engineers, and highly skilled workers. And our company has an outstanding sales team to provide you with complete pre-sales and after-sales services. You can also customize portable room dividers at Ant Display. Continue browsing to see more successful projects.

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Room dividers are generally arranged in conspicuous places in the room, and play a role in partitioning, beautifying, wind-shielding, and coordinating. A portable room divider shows that kind of noble aura, it is the first choice for living rooms, halls, meeting rooms, and offices. They can be placed and moved freely according to needs, reflecting each other's indoor environment. A portable room divider not only needs to create the effect of "separation but not separation", but also emphasizes its artistic effect. It combines practicability and appreciation. It has both practical value and ornamental value.

portable room dividersWhat is a portable room divider?

A portable room divider generally consists of several partitions of the same size, such as four, six, or eight, which can be folded and moved flexibly. It can not only decorate the space, beautify the environment, divide the space, but also fold freely. When not in use, it can be put away without taking up space, which is very convenient. It is so popular among people because of its many functions. An elegantly designed and stylish screen placed in a suitable place in the room is sometimes more attractive and attractive than other furniture.

Features of Portable room divider

1. Partition the space

Adding a portable room divider in the open house decoration can protect privacy. The portable room divider in the office is mainly to distinguish each department so that each employee has an independent office environment.

2. Reasonable use of space

A portable that conforms to the house decoration style can block people's vision. Let each area have unique functions to help you make rational use of space

3. Easy to move

The portable room divider is a kind of foldable movable partition. It can be moved to any place you need to help you change the layout of the room

4. Widely used

A portable room divider can be used on different occasions. For example, portable room dividers with elegant style are mainly used in Chinese-style decorated rooms, high-end office spaces, Chinese tea houses, restaurants, restaurants, leisure and entertainment centers, clubs, and so on. It can also be matched with different elements to create noble, antique, and rich ethnic customs.

Portable glass room dividers

Portable room dividersThe portable glass room divider is a special kind of partition material. It has good light transmission performance. It can brighten the indoor space and has a wider field of vision relative to the partition wall. It plays a role in connecting the upper and lower parts of the room.

  • Public hall decoration

The wide field of vision brought by the characteristics of the Portable glass room divider can enhance the sense of space. Therefore, we can design and use it in the open door lobby when using it to make guests and employees shine. The whole is relatively open and bright, and looking at it at a glance can give office staff a more comfortable sense of entry.

  • Use in the office

There are many benefits of using a Portable glass room divider in the office. First, the natural light can be fully utilized, bringing a comfortable mood to the employees who are working in the office; secondly, thanks to the light transmission performance, each office area is relatively transparent, allowing employees to interact with each other and enhance office efficiency; Third, when facing use, the partition in the office can be opened and closed, and the space can be disassembled when necessary, so the space area can be used multiple times.

  • Use of meeting room

The conference room is divided by a portable glass room divider, which can be changed into an open space when in use, and the utilization rate of the space can be improved.

Ant Display’s portable room dividers

Noble customization

Ant Display has more than 20 years of experience in the production of mobile partitions. Our company’s portable room divider has a personalized design and construction team, tailor-made partition design plans for different customer needs.

Variety of finishes

You can choose different styles of portable room divider decoration. Match the design and decoration effects of various styles, meet the market demand to the greatest extent, and ensure the integration of the partition and the environment!

Flexible space

The Portable room divider can divide a large space into a small space, without any treatment on the ground, partitions, and foldable, which can play a role in multiple functions in one hall and multiple functions in one room.

Safe and stable

The room divider made by Ant display is safe and stable, easy to install, and easy to use.