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Office Room Dividers

Office room dividers are also called movable screen doors, mobile partition doors, and rail screen doors. They have the characteristics of easy installation, reusability, industrial production, fire prevention, and environmental protection. Mobile partitioning walls brings great convenience to people's work. For example, the event screen can be folded on one side when needed to temporarily connect the two spaces together to appear larger, which is convenient for temporary small meetings in the department. Ant Display has a large variety of modern design office room dividers in various materials. Whether you are looking for one piece elegant room partition or whole office furniture set. you will get your best deal in Ant Display. check our page and shop in confidence.

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The office partition is a light-weight partition, and its own lightness is convenient and flexible. Each door panel can be suspended and slid by a single hanging wheel, the door panel can be rotated 360 degrees, or the two hanging wheel suspensions can be slid and rotated in all directions, and can be pushed to any position. Stable transformation of diversified room dividers

Materials of the office room dividers:

The office room dividers consist of two parts: the frame and the panel.

  1. The frame. The frame of the office room dividers is mainly made of aluminum alloy. The surface of the aluminum alloy is electrostatically sprayed or matt oxidized. The common colors are flash silver, off-white, carbon black, and pure black.
  2. the panel. The main material of the panel is cloth, fireproof board, aluminum-plastic board, steel plate, glass, etc. The room dividers panel can be composed of the above single material or can be composed of two or more materials. There are many colors of fabrics and fire boards, which can be provided to customers
  3. Installation accessories. Adjustable feet are installed at the bottom, two-way, three-way, and four-way fasteners are installed at the top and aluminum alloy top cover. It is usually connected to the desktop with self-tapping screws

Why use a room partition?

The office room dividers are blocked by different degrees of sight, and the limited space can be fully utilized reasonably and effectively. Scientifically combine various workstations. The room dividers effectively increase the utilization of unit space and create a comfortable working environment. Office room dividers can be combined with duckbill countertops of various styles and models. Office room dividers can be used in combination with various drawers and file cabinets to save decoration costs and reduce engineering costs. The size of the office room dividers can be customized according to customer requirements.

Aluminum Frame Office Room Dividers

The office room dividers are mostly aluminum alloy frames, including the top cover, side covers, and skirting boards that are all made of aluminum alloy. The surface is colored and sprayed. It is combined with various countertops, drawers, and file cabinets. The bottom of the office room dividers frame is equipped with horizontal adjustment feet. The height can be adjusted according to different grounds. The office room dividers fabric uses hemp fabric, which has strong abrasion resistance. No combustion support, no color difference to the naked eye, anti-fouling treatment, easy to clean, and a variety of colors to choose from. Furthermore, the cable trough in the office screen skirting board can be arranged with a power cord, telephone cord, computer cord, etc. In addition, the socket cover can be placed on the skirting board. And the circuit leads from the plug to the table surface through the preset hole of the table panel. Easy to use and flexible, and keep the overall effect of the office screen perfect.

Wooden Office Room Dividers

wooden room dividers are also very popular in practical use. It not only provides a semi-privacy office environment but also creates and beautiful elegant interior finish. Because wooden panel and easy CNC cut and build in various styles and wooden color has multi-surface finish choice. So, use wooden office room partition you can create a wherever style you like. thus many high-level offices will choose to use wooden combined with glasses partition walls to create a super office space.

Office room dividers furniture is mainly used in open office areas. The direct function of the screen is to separate the space, while the medium-height screen is only an incomplete and relatively separate space. The main significance of the office room dividers in the open office area is that

Without prejudice to communication, a relatively independent private workspace is created, reducing mutual interference, improving office efficiency, and facilitating management, and creating conditions for team communication and collaboration.

Selection of office room dividers height

The relationship between the height of the office room dividers and its separation space. A relatively high screen is used to separate a relatively large space, a relatively low screen is used to separate a relatively small space. The small workspace will have a sense of depression if a relatively high room dividers is applied.

Application of room screen colors

Focus on the relationship between warm and cold choices and a sense of space. Cool tones have a better sense of space, making people feel that the remaining space is larger, while warm tones are the opposite. It can be seen that the cool colors are widely used, and the warm colors are not suitable for relatively small and relatively compact working spaces per capita. Neutral tones are the most widely used. The advantage is that they are more harmonious regardless of where they are used. Different tones represent different emotional demands.

The warm colors make people feel warm and unrestrained, friendly, and energetic. The disadvantage is a bit noisy, not serious enough. Cool colors make people feel calm and refreshing. The disadvantage is that there are many applications and many colors lack personalization.

Custom Office Partitions For Sale

Ant Display is a leading commercial furniture manufacturer that we focus on providing customized office furniture, restaurant furniture as well as customized office room dividers. If you need an office or room space that needs unique and customized dividers, partitions, screen walls, we can build it exactly according to your requirements. OUr designer will help you solve the needs in the most economical way but the best quality finish, contact our team to learn more.