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Folding Room Dividers

The folding divider is a kind of foldable movable partition composed of multiple partitions. The biggest feature of the foldable room divider is that it can be folded and placed in the storage room when not in use. Foldable dividers are generally available in narrow and styles. The wide foldable room divider is the same as the sliding movable partition. Each partition of the wide foldable room divider uses a set of pulleys that can transform the party items and is installed on the guide rail. Use hinges. The sliding doors are well linked. Ant Display supply a large variety of folding room dividers, stainless steel room dividers and folding partition at a low price, Check and buy with confidence.

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Get A Modern Design Folding Room Dividers From Ant Display

Folding dividers, also known as movable dividers and mobile dividers. Most of the foldable room dividers currently on the market are solid wooden divider Foldable room dividers generally consist of several partitions of the same size, or four, six or eight, which can be folded and moved flexibly. It can not only decorate the space, beautify the environment, divide the space, but also fold freely. It is very convenient to store it when not in use without taking up space. It is so popular because of its many functions. An elegantly designed and fashionable divider placed in a suitable place in the room is sometimes more attractive and attractive than other furniture.folding room dividers screen

Solid wood room dividers

The solid wood folding divider is basically based on Chinese style, and it's simple and elegant is a major feature. This type of screen is mainly used in Chinese-style decorated rooms, high-end office spaces, Chinese tea houses, restaurants, restaurants, leisure and entertainment centers, clubs, etc. The solid wood model of the foldable divider is matched with Chinese elements such as Chinese flower windows and mahogany furniture to create a noble, antique, and rich ethnic style.

Affordable Price

The price of the solid wood model of the foldable divider is not very expensive, and it is calculated according to the wood type and pattern used. If it is made of ordinary wood and the style is simple, a set of dividers can be customized for two to three hundred dollars. Assuming that mahogany is used and the craftsmanship is complicated, thousands of dollars are, Of course, the general public usually chooses ordinary wood. Nowadays, with the rise of online shopping, more and more home decorators choose to look for foldable room divider solid wood models and other decoration materials online. For example, on our website, you can find your favorite folding divider and you can place an order directly. Then we can ship them to your port or your door.

Reasonable Dimensions

When purchasing a folding room divider, we must first understand that this folding divider is the size of the divider. The general standard size is 1.6m*1.6m. If it is used for special purposes, such as a hotel lobby partition, the size of the divider is average. It needs to be about 1.6*3m. Generally, two-fold and three-fold movable dividers are mostly used. Four-fold folding dividers are rarely seen. Now many folding room dividers have their own assembly function. Generally, you can combine two single divider partitions by yourself, So if you buy this movable divider that can be combined by yourself, don't worry about the discount, because you can piece it together.

How to choose the folding room divider?

  1. It should be transparent: transparent frosted glass and thicker wood planks are better. If you must use wood planks for style, you should also use brighter tones rather than fancy wood boards. Because the color tone is too dark, it is easy to feel awkward, making the folding divider of the living room that is not spacious, and it is easy to make people feel depressed.
  2. The lighting should be bright and not dark: In addition to the transparent frosted glass for the partition, the color of the wooden floor, floor tiles or carpet should not be too dark. Because the color is too dark, it will feel dark. Most of the folding dividers do not have outdoor natural light, so they need to be remedied with indoor lights, such as installing permanent lights.
  3. Stability: Stability mainly depends on the steel frames on both sides of the screen. A good folding screen will use steel frames as its pillars because only the steel frame pillars can bear the weight of this additional equipment. At present, most domestic folding screens are made of wood as the backbone and then connected with the steel plate with screws. However, this method is easy to cause deformation due to too wet weather or too heavy load, so consumers need to pay special attention to this problem. And pay special attention to the material and structure of the steel frame, so as not to spend the money and it is not worth it, and you lose a lot.
  4. Sound insulation effect: Most folding dividers can achieve sound insulation function because of the structure. Generally, honeycomb panels are used, plus three-point plywood or steel plate with a fireproof cloth. The honeycomb panels themselves can achieve sound insulation, temperature insulation, and resistance. The effect of compression without deformation. But the real sound insulation effect still needs better quality to achieve better results.

Custom Folding Room Dividers For Sale

Besides the existing model of the room partitions, we also offer custom service for our VIP clients. you can tell us your ideal pattern or dimension that fitted, our design team will produce a technical drawing for you to confirm, then the factory will build the folding room screen accordingly. From colors to materials, from dimensions to surface finish, ant display offer 100% customization to build you a perfect room divider.

Maintenance of folding divider

  1. Avoid direct sunlight from outside the window to the indoor folding divider to prevent the metal from oxidizing and deteriorating or the surface paint fading and cracking. Dark curtains or shading blinds can be used to block the direct glare.
  2. Avoid splashing acid-base syrups (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar, methyl alkali, soapy water, soda water, etc.) that are corrosive to the iron folding divider. Wipe with dry cotton cloth. In order to prevent the metal from rusting, you can wipe the surface with a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil on a cotton cloth regularly to keep the iron furniture bright as new.

Folding screen cleaning

  1. Wipe thoroughly with a cloth dipped in neutral detergent. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  2. Special furniture cleaning or maintenance agents must be used regularly.