Industrial Reception Desk

rustic industrial reception deskIndustrial Reception Desk

The first impression is everything, nothing more important than leaving your customer a fantastic first image. The industrial style reception desk is just the perfect reception that will give your clients a "WOW" picture. People living in modern society are tired of glossy and shiny objects. When the rustic style reception in front of them, it will immediately make the eye open at first glance. Typically, An industrial reception table is perfect for salons, office, retail shops, and other business space; it can not only make your reception area looks more attractive, but it also adds more aesthetic beauty to your interior decoration.

Making a great first impression with our reclaimed wood reception desks and solid live edge desks, the industrial look, and modern features will bring your guests a uniquely unparalleled atmosphere and experience. Most of the industrial reception counter is finished with solid wood, reclaimed wood, and rusty old metal to create a live edged, retro, and vintage concept. We stock a large variety of reception desks in traditional classic style and industrial look. By taking advantage of a contemporary, "rusty metal" high-pressure laminate (HPL) material, we could build the industrial-tone reception counter in a more economical, durable, and low maintenance way.

Industrial tones and decors helping conducted a unique presence for your business environment. In case you do not find a favorite pattern from our existing category, we can custom design and manufacture it according to your request: from dimension to colors or stylish look, we can build bespoke, beautiful live edge desks in the most charming rustic industrial character. Contact our team and buy a unique, impressive reception desk today!

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