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white wood 2 person reception desk2 Person Reception Desk

A two-person reception desk is trendy in an office and salon where one receptionist cannot be capable of the reception work. With a functional design, two reception workplaces are perfectly combined to save space and offer a more unity station. Typically, a two-person reception desk provides an extra seat that allows a large room to accommodate more efficient work. Especially for some large footprint traffic areas; positioning a 2-person reception desk can save money on a spare desk and provide a functional, friendly welcome platform. We stock numerous 2-seat reception counters vary greatly in materials, sizes, styles, and price. Check our page and buy your ideal item.

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Why choose a 2-person reception desk? The straightforward answer is you can have 2 receptionists working there instead of one! A suitable reception desk can give the visitor a great positive impression of your company and your business. Two people front counter are just the right station that offers a more welcoming and efficient work to every potential customer and broadcast your business most cleverly.


We stock a bevy of different ready-made and custom-made 2-person desks in unique modern styles. Whether you are looking for a contemporary desk with a glass top, a more traditional feel marble, cherry look counter, or need a warmer color table finished with artificial stone. Our extensive collection offers you the most comprehensive options to choose from. 


The specially designed Two-person reception desks come in various sizes to fit in the different reception areas. We have cute small-sized reception desks that perfectly suit a tiny office and large long counters ideal for more ample rooms. The wide choice of streamlined 2-people reception desks with modular blocks can quickly add up to combine a large desk and reduce to create a smaller one. It also makes the desk a multi-usage for a 2-person,3-person, 4-person, or multi-person reception workplace.


Those best-seller two seats reception desks also come in a myriad of suitable materials. The economical cost laminate is the most popular way to create a durable, easily maintained wooden look. Simultaneously, the real wood timber or veneer can offer a more realistic effect but with a higher cost. Artificial stone and translucent stone offer the best method to create a unique charming surface touch. Marbles and other natural stones can be sued to fabricate a more luxurious counter. There's always no best materials, only the suitable ones.


Typically, A Two-person reception desk can have a larger workspace to accommodate more computers and storage cabinets to handle more interactions and transactions with visitors at one time. It not only adds a unique, stylish beauty to your reception room, but it also vastly improve work efficiency. 


You can primarily save your reception room with a sharing workspace by placing a double seat reception desk. And ultra utilizes the space to create a professional, practical, and appealing reception room. 2 People teamwork can also increase work efficiency and enhance productivity. The three most outstanding benefits of a two-person reception desk are:

Unique Design: Using a two-person reception desk, you can create a unique charming waiting room that appeals to your visitors. Compared to one person reception desk and a standing height desk, two-person desks are more likely to offer a more balanced visual effect, as one person sitting behind a large desk will look more lonely. The double reception desks also effectively provide a paired front and paralleled style and add unity beauty to the front office. 

Economy Cost: Double reception desks can help you save a lot of furniture cost and interior decorations. If you buy two single-seat desks, you will surely cost much more than the simple extended two person desks. The double reception desk can not save money on furniture, but it also only taken up half of the space. 

Improve Work Efficiency: Two receptionist certainly can work faster and efficient than just one. Thus, choose a double reception desk will large improve your reception work efficiency. On the one hand, teamwork can offer a more humanized working atmosphere. On the other hand, it saves the customer waiting time and improve customer experience.


Choose the most popular style 2-person reception units from Ant Display. In case you do not find any suitable model, we will offer a custom service for you, whether you need a modern, sleek design or need organic shape parametric styles, You only need to send us your requirement, and we will help you create a complimentary floor plan together with 3D rendering images. Contact our team today and get a custom-made two-person reception counter.