Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furnitureAre you looking for outdoor furniture? Outdoor furniture refers to appliances that are set up in open or semi-open outdoor spaces to facilitate people's healthy, comfortable, and efficient public outdoor activities. It mainly covers four categories of products: urban public outdoor furniture, outdoor leisure furniture for courtyards, outdoor furniture for commercial places, and portable outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is the material basis that determines the function of the outdoor space of the building and is an important element that expresses the form of the outdoor space. As a new fashion, outdoor furniture embodies people's life of leisure and relaxation.

Ant Display is a professional manufacturer of outdoor furniture. In the selection of materials, we use high-quality steel, aluminum, and wood as the main materials; in terms of the shape, we take the theme of beauty, fashion, elegance, and modernity; professionally create middle and high-end outdoor leisure furniture. The outdoor furniture produced by our company is widely used in various leisure places such as villas, gardens, real estate, communities, parks, squares, resorts, hotels, leisure, and amusement. Our company has a complete development, production, and sales system, and the products produced are of good quality and are recognized by customers.

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  1. Outdoor Iron table & chair | Outdoor Terrace Small Tea Table Combination
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Furniture in a narrow sense refers to the appliances used in indoor life, and it is also an indispensable appliance for people's life, work, and social activities. The difference between outdoor furniture and general furniture is that as a component of the urban landscape environment-the "props" of the city, it has the characteristics of "publicity" and "communication" in a general sense. As an important part of the overall furniture, the basic content of outdoor furniture generally refers to the part of the rest facilities in the urban landscape facilities. For example, rest tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. used in outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces.

outdoor furnitureTypes of outdoor furniture

1. Permanently fixed outdoor furniture

For example, wooden pavilions, tents, solid wooden tables and chairs, iron wooden tables and chairs, etc. Generally, this kind of furniture should be made of high-quality wood, which has good anti-corrosion properties and is relatively heavy. It should be kept outdoors for a long time.

2. Removableoutdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture that can be moved can be placed outdoors when used and can be stored in the room when not in use. Therefore, this type of furniture is more comfortable and practical, without considering so much sturdiness and anti-corrosion performance, you can also add some fabrics for embellishment according to personal preferences.

3. Portable outdoor furniture

Such as small dining tables, dining chairs, and parasols. This kind of furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy or canvas. It is light in weight and easy to carry. It is suitable for field trips and fishing. It is best to bring some outdoor equipment and barbecue grills. Racks, tents, etc., add a lot of fun to outdoor travel.

Outdoor furniture material

Wood material

Choose wood with higher oil content to make outdoor furniture, such as fir, pine, teak, etc. Wooden outdoor furniture must have been treated with anti-corrosion; the production process is also very important, and the complex outdoor environment needs to be considered.

Plastic material

With the improvement of technology, outdoor furniture made of plastic material is more resistant to weathering, does not rot, does not change color, is resistant to aging, and is free of insects. And most of them are processed from recycled plastics, which has made a great contribution to environmental protection.

outdoor furniture

Metal Material

Outdoor furniture made of metal is more durable. Aluminum or water-repellent alloys are the best, but be careful to prevent impacts. Metal materials are more durable than wooden outdoor furniture. Aluminum or water treatment alloys are good, but attention should be paid to prevent shocks.

Bamboo and rattan material

Bamboo and rattan outdoor furniture is beautiful and durable and is more suitable for outdoor use. If it’s dirty, you just need to wipe it.

Advantages of outdoor furniture

  • Environmental protection

The outdoor furniture produced by our company pays special attention to environmental protection. Strictly controlling all kinds of chemical raw materials, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, formaldehyde, etc., within the allowable range, Ant Display uses its actions to ensure the safety of the product on the human body.

  • Great pulling force

Ant display's outdoor furniture has a long service life. It has obvious advantages in anti-aging, tensile strength, and tensile strength.

  • Beautiful and generous

This is one of the reasons why outdoor furniture is widely used. Due to the color and luster, the structure supports customization, Ant display can meet the needs of different customers.