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Office Phone Booth

Modern indoor architectural spaces are increasingly inclined to use large open spaces. In this large open space, there is an increasing need for closed phone booths for personal use with functions such as sound insulation, noise reduction, and air circulation. This office phone booth is used for activities such as making personal calls, using electronic devices, and making video calls. This indoor closed phone booth for personal use not only provides privacy for individual phone calls and protects them from the surrounding environment. At the same time, the noise generated by personal phone calls and other activities will not affect the surrounding environment, thereby reducing the noise level of the entire indoor architectural environment. Ant Display custom design and build a modern office phone booth, office private booth, and office meeting booth for sale. Whether you are looking for one unit phone booth or bulk order meeting booth, you will get your best deal Here. 

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Now you can see that there are many office phone booths on the market. The office phone booth is very conducive to the concentration of office workers. In an open office, office workers who want to make private calls or concentrate on work are inevitably affected by the surrounding environment. In recent years, more and more people use "phone booths"-independent single office cabins equipped with tables and chairs, free from harassment by others. Office workers can see people outside through the glass door and still enjoy private phone booth

Modular Office Phone Booth

The price of these small office phone booths ranges from several thousand dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. The former cubicles were separated in the open air, and these new spaces are completely separate rooms, and the sound insulation is very good. Most office phone booths can accommodate one person. Some can even squeeze into two or even four people. They have four walls and a roof, with soundproof panels and active ventilation system. There are also plug-in systems to power your laptop and USB devices. They are private in every way-except most of them have full-faced windows on one wall.

There used to be some open-air cubicles, but compared with the phone booth, there will be a big gap. The phone booth provides a personal space that meets the four pillars of privacy: sound, vision, territory, and information. Office phone booths can provide privacy and make workers more attention to their work.

So, why are these small rooms in the office? First, because the open office is not good for the people working in it, it will be disturbed by some external sounds. Solving these problems, or simply alleviating them, is a huge business opportunity for manufacturing these office phone booths. This is also the more powerful aspect of the office.

Not only in the office, but the office phone booth can also be used at home as a place for children to study, at-home studio. This is convenient for children's study and family work. The office phone booth can also be used as a place for entertainment, where you can sing and watch movies. These activities can be carried out in the office phone booth.

Create Efficient Working Space

For companies, the potential benefits of phone booths seem very real. Overall, office space for office workers has decreased by an average of one-third compared to nine years ago. The booth can turn a particularly wide corridor into a row of short-term private offices. Moreover, private offices can recover the efficiencies lost due to open offices and can stay here or there for at least an hour. Use the unused area to squeeze in more employees, while also giving employees a more efficient workspace.

Confidentiality Conversation Environment

office podMany offices did not really take into account eavesdropping during construction. Some trade secrets are easily leaked in open offices. For office phone booths, its confidentiality is relatively high. "Office phone booth" is a good transformation option, it can help us keep confidential. The conversation content is not easy to get easily by other people.

Manufacturing time

In most cases, the cost of interior decoration is high and time-consuming. The production time of the office phone booth is only about 30 days. This is very suitable for people who urgently need an office space.

Custom Office Phone Booth For Sale

  1. Customized price Actual price = size specification + material + transportation + tax. (Actual price depends on customer's required size and required configuration)
  2. customization instructions When contacting the purchase, you must specify the customization requirements to facilitate our company to issue a customized solution.
  3. Customized profiles and sizes Conventional materials are: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, thickened tempered glass; About size issues: Due to customs restrictions on the use of telephone soundproof booths, the size and configuration are different. There are also differences in its use functions and the actual space required. Therefore, Ant Display is not in stock, and we will truly manufacture for each customer according to the actual needs of customers.
  4. Surface treatment, high-gloss white powder coating in the paint room;
  5. the finished product is shipped without reprocessing
  6. we have connected the product plug in place. It will be connected according to different voltages and sockets in each country.