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Storage Lockers are generally divided into family lockers and business lockers. The main function is to facilitate people's use, it can store different items, and more importantly, it is divided into categories to facilitate searching. And for families or dorms with small spaces, lockers are even more essential items. Because the locker can make full use of the space to store more living items. The lockers can also well decorate people's home environment and make the whole room more tidy and clean. Ant Display custom design and manufacture a large variety of modern style storage lockers. They are not only in beautiful out design but also in functional interior space. Check our site and buy your ideal lockers.

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Get The Functional Storage Lockers at Affordable Cost

Lockers as business lockers are widely used in storage management of various types of small parts, samples, molds, tools, electronic components, documents, design drawings, bills, catalogs, tables, etc. in offices, government agencies, factories, etc. Lockers are private butlers of personal belongings. This kind of storage cabinet is made of a high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet, which has superior performance than the traditional wooden storage cabinet can't match. The lockers of this material are more durable and more popular with the lockers

Cheap Home Storage Lockers

Home lockers mainly include living room lockers, bedroom lockers, kitchen lockers, entrance lockers, etc. Household storage cabinets are generally made of wooden cabinets, and they will devote themselves to designing a storage cabinet that fits the interior decoration according to their interior decoration. Generally use wooden materials. But some places may use plastic lockers.

Wooden Decorative Lockers

Decorative lockers are used as bedroom space in important areas of the living room and are also an important area for small apartment owners to store household items. At this time, the beautiful bedside cabinets, floor cabinets, and dressing cabinets can often play an unexpected storage role. Although the greatest effect of this type of furniture is still decorative, the accompanying storage function is often the best port for gadgets such as magazines and collections. Of course, when used with storage spaces such as drawers and bed boxes, the storage capacity is quite objective. For commercial lockers, decorative lockers can decorate the office, can put some potted plants, dolls, trophies, some photo albums, and so on.

Multi-usage Universal Lockers

Universal locker, the use of unique materials, and sophisticated design concepts, the furniture has undergone qualitative changes in weight and style. Not only can it be assembled into a universal locker, storage cabinet, bookcase, shoe cabinet, etc. according to the user's use requirements. It is also due to the characteristics of light material and assembly, which can allow consumers to take away with their own residence.

Best-Quality Storage Lockers From Ant Display!

Multifunctional locker. This type of storage cabinet does not have a fixed form, it can exist independently as a floor cabinet, a drawer, or a multifunctional form like a TV cabinet or a cabinet. Therefore, the selection of lockers must be based on your own needs and actual conditions. But as far as the practicability is concerned, furniture such as TV cabinets and dressing cabinets with certain storage functions are undoubtedly more favored by small apartment owners. For commercial storage, multi-functional lockers can help employees store more things. Fruit snacks can be sorted and stored, or some daily necessities.

Clean The Lockers Regularly.

If the wooden lockers have been used for some time, they must be cleaned up to maintain a clean home environment. In the process of cleaning, it is best to clean the lockers. Wipe the storage cabinet with a damp rag, and then dry it with a dry rag to avoid moisture residue. Residual moisture can easily cause corrosion of the locker and is not good for the stored things. Wait until the lockers are cleaned before storing the items that were originally in the lockers.

Avoid the contact of corrosive gas and liquid,

There are three types of lockers: iron, wood, and plastic. For these three materials, it is taboo to contact with corrosive objects, so avoid contact with corrosive gases and liquids. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid residual moisture, which can easily damage the storage cabinet.

 Avoid scratching the surface of the locker.

In order to maintain the lockers, keep the lockers beautiful and shiny. First, avoid touching sharp objects with the locker. Then, when cleaning the storage cabinet, it is better to choose a softer cloth to avoid scratching the storage cabinet during the wiping process.

Custom Storage Lockers at Economical Price

  • Design: we can do a design firstly according to your size and needs. We will design it according to the indoor decoration of your room or office.
  • Production: When you confirm the design and construction drawing, you need to arrange50% deposit. When confirming the payment, we will arrange the order to the factory and produce it. The production time is 22-25 working days.
  • Transportation: After finishing the goods, we will take the videos and pictures in time for you. If there are no doubts, you will arrange the 50% balance payment. After receiving the payment, we will arrange the shipment. The transportation time depends on your country.

If you have any doubts, welcome to consult.