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Solid Wood Interior Doors

Solid wood interior doors refer to the material used to make the wooden door is natural logs or solid wood integrated wood from the forest. Most of the choices are precious woods, such as walnut, teak, red oak, ash, etc. The processed solid wood interior doors have the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks, and thermal insulation. It needs drying, cutting, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, sanding, painting, and other processes scientifically processed. Ant Display has a large variety of modern design wooden doors for interior room space. Check our page and find your favorite wooden doors.

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Decorative doors made of solid wood are available in three types: full wood, half glass, and full glass. From the perspective of wood processing technology, there are two types of finger jointed wood and raw wood. The finger-jointed wood is the wood after the raw wood is sawed and finger jointed. The performance is much more stable than the log, which can ensure that the door is not deformed. The solid wood door gives a sense of stability and elegance.

wooden interior doors

Wooden Interior Doors For Sale

  • The first is solid wood. This material is a natural log from the forest. There is only one kind of wood in the product, which is not sticking to the wood; it is not sticking to the board.
  • The second is a solid wood composite. Its material is the door core made of Chinese fir or other miscellaneous wood pressed density board and then stuck with veneer

The solid wood door of the log is dried with the main log as the main material. And then through the blanking, polishing, tenoning, drilling, and other processes. Most of the wood species of such solid wood doors are more expensive. Such as red oak, rosewood, cherry wood, walnut, black walnut, teak, etc. The finished wooden door after solid wood processing has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, no cracks, etc.

The solid wood composite door is framed with solid wood, and the two sides are bonded with decorative panels. The interior of the door leaf is filled with materials such as heat preservation and flame retardant, which are made by processing. This kind of door is light in quality and low in price, but the decorative effect is very good. Panels are generally imported from abroad, giving them a simple and lightweight feel. This kind of product is often used in home decoration. The panel design of the solid core decorative door is rich in style, and the thermal insulation and sound insulation effects are basically the same as the solid wood door, but the price is cheaper than the solid wood door, and it has the function of fire retardant. In the process of using solid wood composite doors, it also feels very stable.

Solid wood composite doors do not have half glass and full glass styles, but small pieces of glass can be set. The plywood door decoration is made of solid wood, and the decorative panels on both sides are pressed on the frame.

Advantages of solid wood interior doors

  1. High hardness, good gloss, non-deformation, anti-aging, are high-end luxury products.
  2. Mothproof, moisture-proof, anti-fouling, heat-resistant, crack-resistant, firm and non-deformable, good sound insulation and heat insulation effect, it is a durable product
  3. Non-toxic, odorless, free of formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmentally friendly, and healthy, it is an excellent green and environmentally friendly product.
  4. Full of artistic sense, noble and elegant, can play a role in embellishing the living room.

Wooden Doors Design Textures & Colors

The dark brown walnut wood feels dignified and stable, while the light brown cherry wood feels warm and comfortable. Due to the different tree species used, the wooden door exhibits varied wood texture and color. Therefore, choosing a wooden door that matches the decor of the room will add a lot to the room.

The advice of professional designers, first of all, the color of the wooden door should be in harmony with the living room. When the main color of the living room is a light color, wood doors such as white oak, birch, mixed oil, etc. when the main color of the living room is a dark color, such as teak, Wooden doors in warm colors such as walnut. The color selection of the wooden door should also be close to the color of the furniture and the ground and contrast with the color of the wall, which is conducive to creating a layered atmosphere.

Secondly, the shape of the wooden door should be consistent with the decoration style of the room. The decoration style of the general home is mainly divided into a European style, Chinese style, simple and classic style. For example, the interior decoration design of the home is based on the curve of the mainstream element, and the style of the wooden door should also be curved. In addition, the wood selection of the wooden door should also be as consistent as possible with the wood of the interior furniture in order to achieve the best room decoration effect.

Custom Solid Wooden Interior Doors For Sale

Ant Display will provide you the suitable solid wood interior doors to match the indoor decoration. We also can help you customize the door according to your requirements. If you have any problem with the design, please feel free to contact us.