Lifesize Statues

Are you looking for lifesize statues? Lifesized statues can be seen everywhere in the streets, parks, and memorials. It truly records the life and state of people in each period, vividly expressing the actions and expressions of the characters, as if telling the story of the times and putting people in it. With the progress of the times, the materials for lifesize statues are not limited to copper, stainless steel, stone, etc., fiberglass lifesize statues become popular. Because fiberglass has stable chemical properties and bright colors, it can be made into a variety of colors and shapes and is widely used.

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The Fiberglass lifesize statue is suitable for the tourist attraction of the square performance playground. Fiberglass lifesize statutes can be placed outdoors to withstand bad weather, and can also be placed indoors as unique decorations.

Fiberglass statues advantages

fiberglass lifesize statuesIt conveys the unique spirit of the characters to people, to inspire future generations to make unremitting efforts. Fiberglass lifesize statues can also be used for static display in shopping malls, and can also be combined with different architectural styles. Whether you are attending an exhibition, company celebration, opening event, brand promotion, or cultural exchange, fiberglass lifesize statues can play an important role. Good ideas can not only complement your decorations but also better integrate culture and enhance publicity. It can also improve the company's image and stand out from the competition.

How to find the lifesize statues ratio

The correct ratio is very important for lifesize statues, they can make the characters look more realistic. This requires architects to summarize and observe more in their lives. The standard human body proportions are the guide for artists when creating artworks such as paintings and sculptures of heroes and role models. For example, Michelangelo’s David is seven and a half heads tall. To make fiberglass lifesize statues, you need to draw the characters first and make them in proportion

Fiberglass lifesize statues ratio reference:

  1. Three chambers and five eyes: the hairline-the bottom of the nose-the chin are the three chambers, and the distance between each of these three segments is approximately equal; the root of the ear-the outer corner of the eye-the inner corner of the eye-the inner corner of the eye-the outer corner of the eye-the root of the ear is five eyes The distance between them is approximately equal.
  2. Standing seven, sitting five squatting three and a half: the height of a standing adult is approximately equal to his head length of seven (stand seven) when he is seated, it is equal to five head length (sit five), and it is exactly three when squatting Half headlong (three heads).
  3. The proportion of children's heads is relatively large, usually three to four heads high when standing.
  4. Open your arms and the length between the two middle fingers is approximately equal to the person's height.
  5. The length of the arm is two heads (armpit-elbow-wrist each is one head).
  6. The palm is two-thirds the length of the head.
  7. When raising the arm, the elbow is just above the head.
  8. The shoulder width is two head widths.
  9. The sole is one head length.
  10. Men's shoulders are wider than their hips, while women's hips are wider than their shoulders.