Fiberglass Planters

fiberglass plantsIf you plan to buy some indoor or outdoor plant containers, fiberglass planters are one of the choices you should consider. They are known for their durability, low maintenance, and lightness, and you can choose unique Fiberglass planters that match the environment. Using fiberglass planters in your shop and office is a great way to enhance the beauty of the landscape. Fiberglass planters have a wealth of colors and shapes to choose from. You can place them indoors and outdoors according to your decoration needs to form a beautiful landscape to attract people's attention.

Ant display provides customize fiberglass planters for you. We have an excellent design team to make unique fiberglass designs. Fiberglass planters in Ant Display are durable and can withstand changing weather, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, waterproof, sun-proof, and moisture-proof. The automotive-grade bright paint finish ensures that the fiberglass flowerpots are corrosion-resistant and look brighter. Compared with other materials, such as wood, stone, clay, and metal, fiberglass flower pots are lighter in weight and are ideal for roof decoration, decks, and balconies. The shapes of fiberglass planters include rectangles, circles, squares and spheres, polygons, and irregular shapes. View more attractive fiberglass planters below and choose your favorite styles.

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Fiberglass planters are a durable and beautiful decoration that can easily enhance the decoration of your shop and make your plant design look better. No matter you need durable, beautiful, high-quality, and unique-shaped fiberglass planters, Ant display can realize your idea. You can place fiberglass planters in your home, office, shop, or even corridors and halls, they can light up the shop layout and make people impressed.

fiberglass plantersIndoor and outdoor fiberglass planters details

Fiberglass planters are very durable and have become the best choice for indoor and outdoor decoration. Due to the different indoor environments, the types of fiberglass planters are also different.

Outdoor fiberglass planters

Fiberglass planters used outdoors need to withstand severe weather and seasonal changes, so the surface treatment needs to withstand the test of different climates. Not only need to be protected from rain, sun, and ultraviolet rays, but also abrasion and scratch resistance. In addition, most fiberglass planters have drainage holes at the bottom so that excess water can leak out to prevent plants from getting wet. And it also avoids the rupture of the fiberglass planter caused by the accumulation of water and freezing

Indoor fiberglass planters

Indoor fiberglass planters used indoors need to use anti-wear, oil-proof, and anti-fouling surface decoration. Because we cannot prevent people from touching them. In addition, indoor fiberglass planters do not need to reserve drainage holes, which can protect the floor and the plants also have sufficient water and nutrients. For indoor use, automotive-grade finishes help the fiberglass flowerpots withstand the abrasion of foot traffic and natural oils from curious hands. Drain holes are usually not required for indoor installation. Most interior designers will often choose to keep the fiberglass flower pots sealed to retain moisture and help protect the customer's floor.

How are fiberglass flower pots made?

The main materials of fiberglass planters are glass fiber and resin. We usually put the resin in a mold to shape it. Then they were covered with fiberglass. When they formed the shape of flowerpots, we took out the flower pots and polished them smoothly. Then paint the target color on the surface to get firm fiberglass planters. It is very necessary to choose high-quality manufacturers. You can get high-quality fiberglass planters, and they will look new even if they are used for many years.

Advantages of fiberglass planters

fiberglass plantersLightweight

Fiberglass planters are very light. The proper consistency of glass fiber and resin creates a flower pot structure that is easy to move even in super large sizes.


The high-quality finishes of fiberglass planters ensure that they can withstand the harsh weather conditions of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


Fiberglass planters are matched with automotive-grade finishes to resist cracks and fading caused by ultraviolet rays. Despite any harsh sunlight, the fiberglass planters still look fresh.

Low maintenance

Fiberglass flower pots require almost no maintenance. In indoor and outdoor conditions, they can be left unattended for a long time. However, occasional cleaning and waxing can help them stay in top condition.


Fiberglass planters are durable. They can withstand bad weather, human traffic, ultraviolet rays, etc. while making plants look more attractive.

Color can be customized

You can choose the color of fiberglass planters according to your decoration style and let them match your decoration. just tell us your needs, Ant display can customize the color scheme for you.

Why buy fiberglass planters from Ant display?

The fiberglass planters produced by Ant display have strong resistance to damage and corrosion. You can place them anywhere to change your decoration. We provide unique and efficient fiberglass planters design, and you can also add all your ideas to increase the sense of art and design. Customize fiberglass planters in Ant display is suitable for various spaces, and can create a modern and clean visual style. Whether it is eye-catching in the doorway and entrance, or the decoration of the office lobby or the dining area of the restaurant. Fiberglass planters are easier to move and maintain.