Fiberglass Strawberry

Are you looking for fiberglass strawberry statues? Fiberglass strawberry is popular with everyone because of its bright color and luster. It can be used to decorate farms, cities, theme parks, amusement parks, office landscaping, and so on. Fiberglass strawberries can also be used as an advertisement. The glass fiber reinforced plastic strawberry sculpture has a realistic design and exquisite workmanship. It is a decoration that has attracted much attention in the handicraft market. Nowadays, Fiberglass Strawberry Sculpture has been chosen at the entrance of many tourist attractions. Ant Display provides customize fiberglass Strawberry to meet different decoration requirements.

Ant Display’s fiberglass sculpture works are sold all over the world, winning wide acclaim and praise from Chinese and foreign customers. We have successfully provided high-quality products and services for star hotels, real estate gardens, entertainment venues, large-scale celebrations, villas, enterprise groups, schools, etc. Our Ant Display has won the recognition of the market and customers with high-quality craftsmanship, superb technology, reasonable prices, and high-quality services. The glass fiber reinforced plastic strawberry sculpture can show the regional diversity, ethnic diversity, historical heritage, and local folk characteristics of farming civilization. No matter when you need it, choose a fiberglass Strawberry for your business.

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  1. Outdoor Strawberry Model Decoration | Fiberglass Strawberry Ornaments At The Entrance Of The Park
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Fiberglass Strawberry Sculpture is an appreciation object and souvenir object with a certain meaning, meaning, and image created to beautify the city or to commemorate the meaning. The Fiberglass strawberry sculpture shows the characteristics of a unique city through its unique shape and bright colors. It marks or reminds the connotation invention of the main body of the environment, and brings out an artistic atmosphere to the entire urban environment and shopping mall environment.

fiberglass strawberryFiberglass strawberry features

The reason why Fiberglass strawberry is favored is due to its anti-corrosion, waterproof, and sun-proof properties. It is precise because of its advantages that fiberglass strawberry has good quality and can withstand the complex and changeable outdoor climate. In addition to fiberglass strawberries, Ant Display can also produce and design fiberglass bananas, fiberglass pineapples, fiberglass burgers, fiberglass potatoes, fiberglass corn, and other different shapes. The characteristic glass fiber reinforced plastic fruit sculpture decoration can also be regarded as a publicity tool to make your products attract attention.

Fiberglass strawberry category

1. FRP strawberry door decoration

Fiberglass strawberry is usually placed at the gate to form a special welcome theme. For example, the entrance decoration of the strawberry picking garden and the decoration of the door of the fruit garden can also be used in shopping malls to enhance the atmosphere. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people are more yearning for nature and a relaxed and happy mood. The fiberglass strawberry creates a wonderful ecological green home atmosphere, which can shorten the distance between man and nature. An environment that allows people to release stress and relieve boredom. It can also provide a good urban environment for decompression, leisure, and rest for our living environment.

2. FRP Sculpture Strawberry House

Fiberglass Strawberry House can usually be seen in leisure and tourist areas. It is made into the shape of a house with the theme of strawberry elements. You can use the fiberglass strawberry house as a storage room, a sales booth or a special model house, etc. Fiberglass strawberry also plays an important role in urban architecture. It can be a green space sculpture, a garden sculpture, or even an urban sculpture. This not only reflects the obvious improvement in the quality of life and living standards of residents but also reflects the spirit of the times.

fiberglass strawberry

3. FRP Strawberry Stool

Fiberglass strawberries can also be made into the shape of a stool. They are usually seen in parks, sidewalks, communities, rest pavilions, amusement parks, and other places. They have a cute appearance, beautiful and practical. This kind of Fiberglass strawberry can bring convenience to people while beautifying the environment and provide people with occasions to rest. Therefore, the choice of the theme of the fiberglass sculpture should be carefully considered. The focus is on the shaping of its "warm and cordial" atmosphere.

About Ant Display

Ant Display Co., Ltd. is a professional sculpture enterprise integrating the design, production, and installation of garden sculpture, urban sculpture, landscape art, environmental art, beautiful art, and other projects. Our company has a wealth of Fiberglass crafts production and Fiberglass vegetable sculpture projects. Experience. Ant Display has always been guided by advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, reliable efficiency, and fast service as a guarantee, friendly communication with customers as a bridge, and continuous innovation to provide services to more customers in the future.