Fiberglass Pumpkin

fiberglass pumpkinAre you looking for fiberglass Pumpkin statues? Fiberglass big pumpkin sculpture is a kind of sculpture art, mainly used in gardens, pumpkin gardens, and Halloween events. Fiberglass pumpkin sculptures add light and are made into various shapes to create a festive atmosphere, including pumpkins or faces that sing with flashing candles. We can also use these fiberglass pumpkins for large outdoor displays at Kwanzaa or giant cornucopia. Ant display provides all kinds of fiberglass Pumpkin shapes and colors, from classic orange to yellow or white colors. You can find any shape of fiberglass pumpkin that matches the environment.

Ant Display is an enterprise that integrates the design, production, and installation of Fiberglass pumpkin. We have the skills and knowledge, and technicians who can ensure the quality of the project. You can buy large fiberglass pumpkins, fiberglass scarecrows, and fiberglass witches, and fiberglass vegetables provided on our website to decorate your farm and scenic spots. They can let the guests relax and relax. The fiberglass pumpkin made by Ant display can be used as decorations in communities, villas, amusement parks, and other open-air occasions. Browse fiberglass pumpkin on our website and choose the product you like.

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With the development of society, high-rise buildings have gradually become a symbol of a large glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin sculpture, and a large glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin sculpture also has the possibility of becoming a symbol of a large glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin sculpture.

Advantages of fiberglass pumpkin

fiberglass pumpkinFiberglass pumpkin sculpture is larger in shape and more inclined to public aesthetics. The important feature of fiberglass pumpkin sculpture is that it is in the center or dominant position in the environmental glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin, and plays the role of controlling and commanding the entire environment. It uses strong weatherproof, anti-ultraviolet, and sun-proof materials. Fiberglass pumpkins are mainly divided into realistic sculptures and abstract sculptures. The lifesize pumpkins that are usually used for outdoor decoration and publicity are realistic sculptures, with their realistic shapes and bright colors. The abstract fiberglass pumpkin shapes are usually located in art exhibitions and Halloween events. They are more important to create an artistic conception and bring people a different feeling.

Fiberglass pumpkin feature

  1. The thematic Fiberglass pumpkin sculpture can also reveal certain themes in a specific environment and can give full play to the special role of the fiberglass pumpkin sculpture and the environment. This can make up for the lack of ideographic functions in the general environment, so we need to choose a Fiberglass pumpkin sculpture with a suitable theme.
  2. The decorative glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin sculpture takes the decorative glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin sculpture as the main element of the environment. The adjustment of the decorative glass fiber reinforced plastic large pumpkin sculpture can enrich the environmental characteristics.
  3. The displayable glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin sculpture refers to the content of the sculpture works as the main environment.

Fiberglass type

fiberglass pumpkinFiberglass pumpkin house

Sometimes we will see some unique huts in the scenic area, such as pumpkin houses, watermelon houses, etc., which look very interesting. This creative vegetable and fruit-shaped hut sculpture can enhance the environment. Fiberglass pumpkin houses are usually located on farms. They not only play a decorative role but can also be used to store items. People feel the natural appearance while sightseeing. Fiberglass Pumpkin House is like an independent house, with doors, windows, and even built-in counters. We can also make the fiberglass pumpkin house into the shape of a pavilion, where guests can rest. The Fiberglass Pumpkin House made by Ant Display has very good internal processing, smooth polished, practicality, and beauty, and is well received by customers.

Halloween fiberglass pumpkin lantern

Legend has it that a man named Jack was very stingy, so he could not enter heaven after death, and because he made fun of the devil, he could not enter hell, so he could only wander around with a lantern until Judgment Day. To scare away these wandering spirits on the eve of Halloween, people use beets or potatoes carved into scary faces to represent Jack holding a lantern. This is the origin of pumpkin lanterns. Fiberglass pumpkin is an ideal choice for theme parks, indoor amusement facilities, shopping malls, commercial venues, outdoor gardens, landscapes, etc.! Pumpkin lanterns suitable for installation in the square park are the hallmarks of celebrating Halloween.

Why choose us Ant Display

Ant display is a comprehensive sculpture company specializing in processing various fiberglass pumpkin landscape sculptures. Our factory has a variety of glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin landscape sculpture molds and can adjust the material, style, size, etc. of the work according to your requirements. If you want to know more about the glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin landscape sculpture, please contact our factory.