Fiberglass Pepper

In recent years, with the maturity of fiberglass technology, more and more people have begun to customize various Fiberglass fruits and vegetables as decorations. They are not only a beautiful decoration, but also can help attract eyeballs, thus playing a good publicity effect. Therefore, many fiberglass fruits and vegetables are often used in vegetable bases, parks and so on. Fiberglass pepper is a typical representative of FRP fruits and vegetables. Bright colors and realistic chili shapes make it a very beautiful landscape. Why choose fiberglass as the material? Fiberglass is a very strong decorative material, it can be produced in a variety of colors and shapes, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, high-temperature resistance, and can be used in very harsh environments for several years.

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Ant display limited is a leading company in making customized fiberglass products. We can make different kinds of fiberglass statues, such as carton fiberglass statues, animal statues, Garden sculptures, fiberglass food,vegetables&fruits, and fiberglass furniture. We have a professional design team and experienced workers, and we are a direct factory, from you can get high-quality fiberglass statues at cost price. Browse our web you will find fiberglass statues in different styles and colors, if you find the style you like just show us, we check the price for you. If you need to customize, we can design for you.

fiberglass pepper

Why you can choose our fiberglass pepper?

  1. We have specialized in producing all kinds of fiberglass statues for 12 years and have rich experience. We use high-quality fiberglass. Our fiberglass statues are waterproof, sun-proof, corrosion-resistant, and very strong.
  2. We use environmentally friendly paint and only use special spray paint for automobiles, which is not easy to fade, is very environmentally friendly, and has no health hazard.
  3. Our workers have 12 years of experience, and we have dedicated quality inspectors to control every detail, and the quality is guaranteed
  4. We are a direct factory specialize in making customized fiberglass products. Around us have raw materials supplier, we can get the fiberglass and paint in good price, so can control the cost and give you a most favorable price.

The order process of fiberglass pepper

fiberglass statue

    1.Make design and drawing

You need to tell us your needs, include want what colors, what shape, what size, etc. Then our design team will do a 3d design for the fiberglass pepper send you to check. After checked design ok, we will do a detailed drawing send you a check.

  1. You pay the deposit and we start to make clay drafts

We will check the price for you after the price is confirmed. Then you need to pay us a 50% deposit, then we will start to make clay draft send you a check.

  1. Modify the clay draft and open the mold for production

After you check the clay draft ok, we will follow it to open the mold. If you feel the clay draft needs modify also let us know, we will modify send you to double-check.

  1. Polish all surface and paint colors

We will polish all the surfaces then follow the design to paint colors. The paint we will use is high-quality car paint, so after finished, the surface will be very smooth and bright, looks very nice.

  1. Send you to check color, you finish the balance

After the surface color is finished we will take photos send you to check, then pay us the rest balance.

  1. Pack the fiberglass pepper and delivery it to you

We will use solid wood to making packaging wooden racks to pack the fiberglass pepper.