Fiberglass Hamburger

The simulation of fiberglass Hamburg has become the new favorite of the catering industry and decoration industries. You can see the fiberglass Hamburg sculpture in many places. It can be used in fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, shopping malls, and squares as a decoration to attract customers.

Fiberglass Hamburg has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, and heat preservation. Fiberglass has strong plasticity, no rust is maintenance-free, beautiful products is durable, and can replace steel, cement, ceramics, etc. FRP is superior to steel, ceramics, plastics, stone, etc. It has a realistic texture and low price. It is currently the first choice for fashion and environmental protection in the international market.

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In the food street, we usually see a lot of personalized food cartoon sculptures. The glass fiber reinforced plastic hamburger cartoon model sculpture is also customized by the customer and placed at the entrance of the food store. The glass fiber reinforced plastic hamburger sculpture has a novel and beautiful shape, bright colors, no deformation, smooth surface, and material. Features such as compactness. It has a good publicity effect. When people pass by, they will be attracted by the realistic burger sculpture, and then walk into the storefront. Moreover, it has high ornamental value and is a very good decoration.

What advantages fiberglass hamburg states have?

  1. Fiberglass hamburger is very cost-effective.

The economic effect is outstanding, the process is simple, and it can be formed at one time, especially for products with complex shapes and small quantities that are not easy to form, and its process superiority is more prominent.

  1. Very durable and strong

Good corrosion resistance, good resistance to atmosphere, water and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, and a variety of oils and solvents. The fiberglass hamburger is very strong, can use very long time, can use both outdoor and indoor.

  1. Various colors and rich shapes

Our fiberglass hamburger statues can do any different colors ans styles, we also do customize, you can send us your drawing, then we can follow that to customize for you. And we have our own design team, we can help you design this fiberglass hamburger statues as your needs.

  1. Light weight, easy to transport and install

The fiberglass is much lighter than steel, wood and other materials. So you can move them freely.And they are very easy to assemble.


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Production process of fiberglass Hamburger statues

Firstly, make the mold

If you have a drawing, you can send it to us, and we will sculpt according to your drawing. If you don't have a drawing, you can tell us your request, our designer can make a design drawing for you to confirm. Our mold masters use molds (wood, clay, foam, plaster) to carve and shape.

Second, make rough

First use a brush to apply the gel coat to the surface of the mold. When it is half dry, spread the fiber cloth on it, and start to brush the resin on the top with a brush to make it penetrate, then spread the cloth and brush the resin, layer by layer. Reach the required thickness.

Third, Demoulding and trimming

Demolding refers to taking the blank out of the mold and then adjusting the frame.

Fourth, make fiberglass molds

After the FRP products made from plaster molds are polished and repaired, a FRP mold is copied for mass production in the future.

Finally, Dealing with fuel injection

We will polish the surface smoothly with sandpaper first, then spray the primer twice, and then spray the topcoat.


Ant display limited can make different kinds of fiberglass statues, if you also need fiberglass statues, just feel free to contact us to get more details.