Fiberglass Corn

Are you looking for fiberglass corn statues for decoration? With the advancement and development of science and technology, people pay more attention to the cultural connotation and beautification of the urban environment. Fiberglass corn sculpture has become an indispensable factor in beautifying the city. It symbolizes social development and the improvement of people's living standards. We can see fiberglass corns on many city streets and in the lobby of the company. They have a variety of shapes and are integrated with the environment, fully demonstrating the creativity and imagination of the company, and are a beautiful landscape. Fiberglass corn statues can be found in campus squares, villages, vegetable gardens, amusement parks, and other places.

Ant display supports custom-made fiberglass corn sculptures. They have a variety of colors. The fiberglass corn produced in our factory is placed indoors and outdoors. They have a charming appearance that can well highlight the characteristics of the environment. Ant display Co., Ltd. mainly undertakes fiberglass cartoon doll sculpture, Fiberglass fruit and vegetable sculpture, city square sculpture, campus sculpture, hotel dragon and phoenix sculpture, lounge chair sculpture, figure sculpture, portrait sculpture, animal sculpture, booth sculpture, street scene sculpture, garden sculptures and other sculptures with different themes. Our company has professional fiberglass sculptors. The exquisite sculptural craftsmanship makes our fiberglass sculptures strive for excellence and give people a high-grade artistic enjoyment.

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Fiberglass corn statues are a kind of artwork, and people usually place them in squares, playgrounds, fast food restaurants, and other occasions. It can decorate the environment, make the space look not monotonous, and can also bring people a sense of beauty using art. At the same time, corn is an annual gramineous herb, an important food crop, and an important source of feed, and it is also the food crop with the highest total output in the world. Fiberglass corn statues can also embody spiritual culture.

fiberglass cornsFeatures of Fiberglass corn statues:

  • Fiberglass corn not only has its cultural connotation and artistic value, but it also exists as a cultural form, leaving room for people to imagine.
  • Fiberglass corn statues Create an artistic atmosphere of public living environment.
  •  Fiberglass corns reflect the style of the city. It can make people impressed by the style of the city.
  • Fiberglass corn statues have unique shapes and colors, making the living environment colorful.
  • Live size corn sculpture is a relatively open art that can vividly display the form of corn and the value it conveys.

FRP is a new type of material made by hand-made composite with resin and fiberglass cloth and other materials. It has the characteristics of lightweight, heat insulation, generous, beautiful appearance, and strong plasticity.

FRP sculpture advantages:

  1. The shape is novel and beautiful, waterproof, moisture-proof, non-deformation, smooth surface, dense material, and color can be arbitrarily matched:
  2. Non-sticky oil, easy to clean, clean, and hygienic, beautify the space
  3. The style, style, and size limit can be freely designed according to the size of the space;
  4. Economical and applicable, long service life, and easy to install.

fiberglass cornsFiberglass corn sculpture occasions:

  1. Public places. The glass fiber reinforced plastic corn has a generous shape, simple, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and good insulation. It can highlight the theme and is also a good idea for decorating public places. We can even add anthropomorphic shapes to give people a sense of freshness.
  2. Home and real estate decoration. Such as private residences, real estate styles, villa gardens, etc.
  3. FRP sculptures can also be used in office spaces. For example, office, reception area, rest area, meeting area, reception area, etc.
  4. Entertainment venues, such as lounges, bars, clubs, tea houses, TKV, playgrounds, children's playgrounds, vegetable planting bases, etc.
  5. Decoration of the catering industry. Fiberglass corns are very useful in stores and hotels in the catering industry. They can enhance the image of the restaurant and leave a deep impression on people. It can also be used as a mascot to attract customers at the entrance of the store. For example, in front of hotels, hotels, restaurants, pancake shops
  6. Fiberglass corn can also be applied to urban construction, such as urban water surface decoration, urban gardens, urban squares, urban greens, and so on

Customize Fiberglass corns in Ant Display

Ant display has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in fiberglass products. We have a highly skilled construction team, a first-class sales team, and a professional designer team. Ant display provides high-quality fiberglass corns, you can see a variety of unique customized fiberglass statues on our website. We are a creative team, we keep learning, continuous improvement, continuous innovation attitude, continuous creation Miracles, and performance. The Fiberglass sculptures we produce are well received by customers because the unique design and high-quality products make our company go further.