Fiberglass Candy Cane

The fiberglass candy cane is a cane shape decoration. In beginning, it mainly used red and white stripes. Now it has many different colors and styles to meet different needs. They are made of durable fiberglass, so they are weather-proof, heat-proof, and fire-proof, can use both outdoor and indoor. These fiberglass candy canes use advanced man-made mold designs to achieve better and more precise shapes. They are not only a good idea for shop and mall inside decoration, but also a good choice for outdoor decoration. They are widely used in different locations, they can be used for candy shop decoration, used in shopping malls, playgrounds, parks, or used to celebrate festivals, etc. They have beautiful look with fancy shape and colors, can attract a lot of children. If you are still looking for fancy decorations for Christmas, a fiberglass candy cane will be a good solution.


Ant display limited was established in 2008, we can supply different kinds of fiberglass products. The fiberglass candy cane is the most popular decoration product. We can supply fiberglass candy canes in different shapes, styles, colors, materials to meet your different needs. Our fiberglass candy canes are heat-proof, strong, and attractive. And we also supply customized services, we can customize the candy cane to your needs and size. And we have a different price range to meet your different needs and budget. We have our own factory and experienced workers can supply you most favorable factory price and exquisite workmanship. And we have a strict quality check team, will check each step during production to give you perfect work. If you also need a fiberglass candy cane and want more details, just feel free to contact us.

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Application of fiberglass Candy Cane

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Fiberglass is widely used in many different areas and locations. These are the main application of fiberglass candy cane.

1. In retail candy shop and candy kiosk

When you enter a candy shop or a retail candy kiosk, you will find many nice fiberglass candy canes for decoration. They can make your shop or kiosk look very attractive and fancy.               

2. In the park and amusement park

Many parks and amusement parks will use fiberglass candy canes for decoration. They can be fixed on the floor, near the gate, or grassland. I think all children will like the fancy decorations.             

3. To celebrate the festivals and holiday

The fiberglass candy canes can be put outdoor and indoor used to celebrate some festivals and holidays, like Christmas, New year, etc, Children’s day, etc.

4. For food and beverage shop decoration

Some food and beverage shops will also use fiberglass candy canes to attract customers.  

candy cane decoration

Why choose fiberglass candy canes?

Fiberglass candy canes have incomparable advantages over other materials. It is very suitable for making candy canes. These are some advantages share with you:

  1. It is very strong and durable

Fiberglass is a very durable material, it is very strong and weather-proof, can use many years.

  1. It is weather-proof, water-proof and heat-proof

Fiberglass candy canes are weather-proof, so they can use both outdoor and indoor. So it is widely used for celebrating some festivals and holidays outdoor.

  1. Different colors and sizes are available

We can make fiberglass candy canes in different colors and sizes as your needs. They are very attractive decorations.

  1. Attractive look and unique shape

Fiberglass candy cane's surface is very glossy and smooth, it looks very nice and unique.

  1. Easy to process and produce, low production cost

The fiberglass candy canes can finish at one time, with no need for complicated processes and production steps. So their cost is low, can help you save money.


Ant display limited can supply fiberglass candy canes in different styles, sizes, and colors. Browse our web you will find many fiberglass candy canes. Just feel free to contact us to get more details.