Fiberglass Balloons

Balloons are widely used in celebration of important festivals, some occasions, shopping malls and outdoor decoration. Ordinary balloons have a very short lifespan and cannot be used as long-term decorations. Therefore, fiberglass balloons are becoming more and more popular. This kind of balloon is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, very durable, sun-proof and anti-corrosion, very suitable for long-term use and outdoor decoration. Fiberglass balloons are lightweight and high-strength, and can flexibly design a variety of structural product shapes. After polishing, spraying and painting, they produce very exquisite decorative products. It is precisely because of the advantages of FRP products that they are favored by shopping malls. FRP balloons are sculptures standing in public places in the city and are used for city decoration and beautification. Its appearance increases the urban landscape and enriches the spiritual enjoyment of urban residents. Especially children will have an innate liking for cartoon styles. FRP balloons are corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant and wear-resistant, and can be used as a long-term decoration.


The fiberglass balloons produced by Ant display limited can be shaped according to the theme of the shopping mall. It is not only beautiful but also practical, and becomes an indispensable decoration for the shopping mall. It can enhance the image and grade of the mall, and improve the brand promotion effect; it can create a good shopping environment centered on the customer, and give customers a good experience environment. Ant display limited has always obtained the trust of customers with stable and reliable product quality and good business reputation. It follows the market development trend and continuously develops new products to meet the needs of customers. Fiberglass balloons also have good insulation properties and resistance Thermal performance, and can flexibly design products of various styles and structures according to the design.

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We have a large sculpture production base and a large number of experienced engravers who can complete various stainless steel sculptures, design and construction. The exquisite production level makes our sculpture quality at the forefront at home and abroad. We can make all kinds of Fiberglass sculptures, Fiberglass garden landscape sculptures and Fiberglass furniture. In our operations, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "guarantee quality, quantity, and timeliness" to serve every customer who reviews our company.

Fiberglass balloons are widely used in squares, shopping malls and festivals. In recent years, the glass and steel sculptures in our lives have appeared in our lives one after another. Major shopping malls can be seen everywhere, and major gardens and squares have appeared frequently. Our lives have become more colorful.

Why choose Fiberglass ballons?

  1. Fiberglass balloons are colorful and beautiful

Fiberglass balloons can do many different colors, their surface is very smooth, very beautiful and eye-catching.

  1. Variety of styles and shapes

Our fiberglass balloons can do many different styles and shapes, we do customize, can do any shapes and size as your needs.

3.Applicable occasions

Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding scene, a children’s carnival, or a store anniversary, a press conference, etc., balloons are one of the most common elements. FRP balloons can be placed in front of shopping malls, parks, squares, and storefronts as decorations.

4.Low maintenance cost and long service life

Our fiberglass ballons used is very durable fiberglass, they are weather-proof, heat-proof and water-proof, so can use very long time. So fiberglass ballons can use very long time, no need to maintenant, can help you save a lot of cost.

Why you can choose our company to make the fiberglass ballons?

  1. 12 years experience to give you exquisite work

We have more than 12 years experience in making fiberglass furniture and other fiberglass products. So can give you exquisite work and quality.

  1. Professional design team to supply you nice design

We do customize, we have professional design team, can help you design the fiberglass ballons as your needs and size.

  1. We can get raw materials with favorable price

We are located in an industrial park, we can get the most favorable raw materials at very favorable prices, so we can provide you with the most favorable factory prices.

  1. Strict quality check team help you take care of quality

We take care of the products quality, we have strict quality check team to help you take care of all details and quality.


If you also need fiberglass balloons and want more details, just feel free to contact us.