Fiberglass Spider Man

Do you like Spider Man? Spider-Man is a superhero under the banner of American Marvel Comics, and it is the object of many children's admiration. Fiberglass Spiderman is suitable for installation in parks, it means defending the city, and it is also a park theme decoration. The sculpture prototypes of exquisite cartoon animals such as Spider-Man, Alien, Snow White, Mickey Mouse are actually splashes of water. The Fiberglass Spider-Man is popular because of its unique shape, distinctive features, and rich connotations. Fiberglass Spiderman supports customization, you can choose the size, color, and style of Spiderman according to the decoration environment.

Ant display factory is a comprehensive enterprise integrating Fiberglass cartoon character design, production, and sales. Our company demonstrates its strong strength to the international community with its superb skills. Fiberglass Spiderman is also the embodiment of human culture. It reflects the spirit and background of the times and embellishes the theme. Every fiberglass spiderman sculpture produced by Ant Display has exquisite craftsmanship and has been well received by customers. Ant Display goes further with its noble artistic ethics, superb skills, and enthusiastic service. You can browse our fiberglass spiderman style, and choose the one you like.

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Fiberglass Spiderman is composed of glass fiber reinforced plastic resin fiber, with excellent anti-corrosion ability, and the appearance is beloved and common. The intricately carved streamlined undulations and light and dark changes flash the beauty of the connotation. Ant display has a variety of glass fiber reinforced plastic spiderman sculpture molds, and can fine-tune the material, style, size, etc. of the work according to your requirements.

fiberglass spiber manWhat is Fiberglass Cartoon Statue?

Fiberglass cartoon statue is a Fiberglass sculpture art of various characters from ancient and modern China and foreign countries and cartoon images. It uses a variety of plastic materials or hard materials that can be carved and engraved to create visual and tangible artistic figures with a certain space. Art that reflects people's living conditions, expresses the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic emotions, and aesthetic ideals. Because Fiberglass Spider-Man originated from arts and crafts, it is highly decorative and practical. Pay attention to the details of the characters, add color to the statue, combine the plastic painting, and complement each other, making the Fiberglass Spiderman have the same beauty and appreciation value as the painting.

Fiberglass Spiderman features:

  • 1. Stability

High-quality FRP products. The base material is made of ship resin with strong stability and platinum fiberglass cloth. The curing agent is made of Akzo M50 curing agent, which is more fully cured and completely cured. The polishing is made of automobile putty. The internal standard steel is built in and the surface treatment is adopted. Special automotive paint, three-layer spraying, bright and no impurities on the surface.

  • 2. Practicality

Fiberglass Spiderman is made by hand, wear-resistant, durable, non-deformed, non-sag, non-cracking, high-strength, non-fading, and beautiful in use. You can make them into ornaments to decorate the office, you can also choose wall-mounted fiberglass spiderman to decorate the wall, and even can be used for promotional activities.

  • fiberglass spider man3. Beauty

 Based on the production of the fiberglass Spiderman model, special surface effects such as coloring, sanding, gold, antique, imitation copper, imitation jade, etc. can be arbitrarily made according to the requirements, and the surface of the work can be made rough, delicate, cracked, and cracked through technical processing. Natural cracks, weathering and other real stone effects, product surface effects have excellent direct paint treatment, gold foil, silver foil, electroplating, imitation stone, antique production.


1. Q: How to make a batch of Fiberglass Spiderman sculptures of the same shape?

   A: We recommend using mold production, you can get a batch of fiberglass Spiderman you want. Usually, new molds require mold fees. As the order quantity increases, the unit price will decrease accordingly. Conducive to saving the cost of mass production of Fibergalss Spiderman sculpture.

2. Q: Why is the price of different fiberglass Spiderman different?

   A: Different shapes and sizes of fiberglass Spiderman need molds. If the model you choose already has a mold, its unit price is relatively low. Because there are already a large number of finished products, it also means that this shape can be seen everywhere, and consumers or visitors have lower expectations.

3. Q: How to order?

    A: First, tell us your requirements about fiberglass Spiderman style. It’s better to share us the exact design. Then, we can check the cost based on the design you like. Thirdly, confirm order and arrange production. Our workers produce the fiberglass Spiderman step by step and share you the effects. Finally, we will send photos and videos for your confirmation and ship the goods to you.