Fiberglass Mickey Mouse

Are you looking for fiberglass mickey mouse statues? Mickey Mouse is a representative cartoon character of Disney. It has a big round head, big round ears, a pear shaped body, no obvious joints, and can stretch freely as if it were a little mouse without bones. With his easygoing, optimistic, active and full of ideas, he is widely welcomed by audiences all over the world. The image of fiberglass Mickey Mouse has experienced people's longing for a better life and is the sustenance of people's spiritual world. It also reminds people of their beautiful childhood.

Ant Display company specializes in the production of fiberglass Mickey Mouse states. They support customized size, shape and color, which can meet your decoration requirements. Ant display also produces a wide variety of fiberglass crafts with fine workmanship and high quality, which are highly praised by customers. Our main products are: cartoon sculpture, cartoon sculpture, film and television character model, character statue, Mickey Mouse sculpture, simulated animal sculpture, mall cartoon sculpture, hotel welcome doll cartoon model, corporate image cartoon decoration, Mascot Cartoon sculpture, etc. No matter what fiberglass Mickey Mouse states you need, you can find them in Ant Display.

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FRP cartoon modeling is mainly made of FRP. Cartoon characters with different shapes can be seen in many different shopping malls. The Fiberglass Mickey Mouse sculpture is very cute and plays a very important role in our current life. Fiberglass Mickey Mouse sculpture pays more attention to modeling and meaning in the production of images. At the same time, the color of the fiberglass Mickey Mouse sculpture is very bright. In addition, the fiberglass mickey mouse pays special attention to the coordination with the surrounding environment and is committed to integrating the sculpture itself into the surrounding environment. FRP Mickey Mouse produced by ant display is also unique. It vividly conveys the look and action of cartoon characters and makes you unconsciously imagine the environment in which cartoon sculptures are located.

fiberglass Mickey Mouse

The value of fiberglass Mickey Mouse

1. Ornamental value

Fiberglass Mickey Mouse steel sculpture has ornamental and symbolic significance. To decorate, highlight cultural themes and create an atmosphere, amusement parks, leisure squares, and other places generally use well-known cartoon film and television characters such as cartoon characters and cartoon dolls to show in front of people.

2. Artistic value

Because it has many advantages, such as convenient forming, strong design ability, lightweight, and relatively low cost, FRP sculpture is soon applied to sculpture art. The application of FRP technology can quickly and realistically reproduce the clay sculptures and preserve them for a long time.

3. Commercial value

With cartoon characters deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, fiberglass Mickey Mouse can impress your company and brand. The types of FRP sculptures are diverse and varied. Many fiberglass Mickey Mouse sculptures have become symbols of squares, commercial outlets, living quarters, and amusement places.

4. Use value

The nature of FRP is particularly strong and durable, so the creative fiberglass Mickey Mouse we usually see can be used for a long time. This can also save more resources, and it has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and sunscreen, which can adapt to the changeable outdoor environment.

Fiberglass Mickey MouseFiberglass Mickey Mouse features:

It has a novel and beautiful shape and is deeply loved by the public (children). It is waterproof, moisture-proof, nondeformable, smooth surface, dense material and color can be matched at will: it is not sticky and greasy, easy to clean, clean and beautify the space. It is not limited by style, style, and size, and can be designed according to the size of the space; Economical and applicable, long service life, and low cost. It is durable, elegant, and atmospheric. Generally, it will not deform. It is always a trendy sculpture.

Applicable scenes

It is good to install in the theme parks, leisure squares, department stores, shopping centers, public places, entertainment places, amusement parks, children's parks, primary schools, etc. You can also put fiberglass Mickey Mouse in your office, workbench, storage rack, and home decoration for decoration

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