Fiberglass Elephants

fiberglass elephantsDo you want a vivid fiberglass elephants sculpture? Ant display provides glamorous fiberglass elegants sculptures, which are durable, beautiful and light. They are sometimes placed indoors, and outdoor highlight themes. Grassland, offices, shopping malls, squares, playgrounds and other places have their presence. You can find various animals on our website, such as sculptures of eagles, elephants, frogs and umbrellas, giraffes, lions, leopards, peacocks, rhinos, tortoises, tigers, zebras and hornbills. Ant Display's talented craftsmen, under the guidance of the creative design team, present these animals in real forms. Moreover, the glass-reinforced plastic elephant can have different display effects of stone carving and wood carving, which is very realistic.

Since its establishment in 2002, Ant display is a company engaged in various Fiberglass statues. Our products include fiberglass animals, garden statues, fiberglass cartoon sculptures, fiberglass character sculptures, etc. No matter what kind of fiberglass sculpture you need, Ant display can help you design and produce it. Including fiberglass African buffalo statue, fiberglass African antelope statue, fiberglass angel statue, fiberglass design pillar and fiberglass wedding background design. Elegant Fiberglass products design, perfect finish, lightness, attractive appearance and exquisite appearance are some of the characteristics of the product series we provide. In order to meet the needs of customers, we provide products of different sizes, designs and colors at industry-leading prices. See more fiberglass elephants here

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  1. Park Elephant Model Decoration | Garden Landscape Sculpture Fiberglass
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FRP elephants sculpture art products can directly let visitors understand the shape and living habits of elephants, and it also has the characteristics of decoration and intentionality. Children can learn about the beauty of wild animals from these lifelike glass steel animal statues composed of herbivores and carnivores. Fiberglass elephants sculpture combines artistic creation with the practicality of practical objects in public places to form a modern design. 

Fiberglass elegant occasions

fiberglass elephantsGreen space glass fiber reinforced plastic elegant sculpture

Fiberglass elephants are located in the middle of the lawn and are used to enhance the artistic effect. And highlight the surrounding buildings and landscape. You can also make them into fiberglass elephants seats and tables for people to rest.

Residential fiberglass sculpture

Fiberglass elephants located in the community are mostly used to decorate the community environment and are both entertaining. Provide community residents a good place for entertainment and leisure.

Square fiberglass sculpture:

Fiberglass elephants usually have a standing shape. They are used as a symbol of the square to make the square look beautiful and not monotonous.

Garden glass sculpture:

Fiberglass elephant is a very good idea for decorating gardens. It allows people to feel the natural landscape and feel relaxed. And make the surrounding landscape full of changes

How to customize fiberglass elephants?

fiberglass elephantsThe fiberglass elephants sculpture can be customized according to the size of the customer's needs. Suitable for shopping malls, large squares, amusement parks, scenic spots, beaches, parks, etc. The sculpture adopts high-density sculpture foam material to make a sample. After confirming the sample, use 196# unsaturated resin and a platinum glass fiber cloth to produce a rough. After the rough comes out, it is polished, putty is used to repair the product pinholes and mold line, polish, and spray the bottom. Paint, spray top paint and spray car special paint. After four layers of spraying, the surface is painted with a colorful painting effect. In this way, the exquisite shape and high-end atmosphere glass animal steel sculpture are completed. Fiberglass elephants can have different shapes and effects, such as imitation copper, imitation stone, etc. And it can also be made into different shapes, such as standing, walking, lying down, playing in the water, and so on.

Customization process:

1: Choose the style and put forward production requirements, buyers need to provide product drawings or samples, product specifications, and demand;

2: According to the design drawing and production requirements, calculate the price and calculate the processing cycle;

3: The buyer pays a deposit to place an order for production, we usually support a 50% deposit before the production, and the balance payment is made before the order is placed.

4: After the production is completed, we will take pictures or videos for your confirmation. After you confirm, it will be packed for transportation.

5: Fiberglass elephants are usually shipped by sea, you can also pick up the goods from our factory.

Why choose Ant Display?

Ant display is a comprehensive sculpture company. It has a variety of glass fiber reinforced plastic elephant sculpture models, which can process and customize a variety of glass fiber reinforced plastic elephant sculptures, and support the adjustment, modification, and customization of materials, styles, styles, and sizes. The glass fiber reinforced plastic elephant sculptures produced by us are of high quality and low price and are distributed in many provinces, cities, and regions across the country. If you want to know more case pictures, please call or WeChat. The material, size, style, etc. can be customized as required, and can also be made according to the sample drawings of the glass fiber reinforced plastic elephant sculpture provided by you! If you have relevant needs, please contact us here.