Fiberglass Dog

fiberglass dogAre you looking for fiberglass dogs? Fiberglass dog sculpture is a kind of fiberglass animal statue. We can make it into handicrafts to decorate offices and courtyards. It has a beautiful shape and a lovely image. The Fiberglass dog symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness and is deeply loved by people. The FRP dog can be placed in the courtyard, in the shop, or in the house. Putting it in the courtyard has the meaning of a townhouse, putting it in the shop has the meaning of lucky, and putting it in the house has the meaning of protecting safety. And you can also customize fiberglass dogs.

Ant display provides all kinds of fiberglass cartoon dog sculptures, animal sculptures. Fiberglass dog sculptures can be made into the shape of a pet dog to create unique themes. We have a highly-skilled production team, and all fiberglass dogs meet export standards and have beautiful shapes. The designers of Ant display have solid artistic skills and can grasp the expression of dogs to create. Ant display has an outstanding performance in the Fiberglass dog sculpture industry and enjoys a reputation in many countries. For example, the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, etc. Review bellow fiberglass dog styles.

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  1. Imitation Dog Decoration | Outdoor Pet Sculpture
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A fiberglass dog is a sculpture of new material and new technology. The production of Fiberglass dog sculpture has many uses and functions in life and urban construction. In addition, the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic cartoon dog sculptures also played a decorative role. Mainly decorate cities, residences, indoors, parks, gardens, squares, playgrounds, shops, etc. to beautify the environment. It can be seen that the purpose and function of the glass fiber reinforced plastic balloon dog sculpture are very important, and it is also a sculpture material that occupies most of the market share in the sculpture industry.

fiberglass dogFeatures of Fiberglass dog

1. Support customization

All Fiberglass dogs can be made according to your ideas and requirements. Our designers can build a 3D max model to show the overall shape of the fiberglass dog matches the brand theme and show you. You can propose appropriate changes.

2. High-quality raw materials

Fiberglass dog is made of high-quality anti-corrosion, sun-proof, and wear-resistant materials. Can withstand harsh weather. If you have special requirements, such as high strength, good dielectric properties, etc., please contact us in advance, and Ant display will present a good solution.

3. The shape and color are changeable

The engineer will flexibly choose the molding process according to the shape, technical requirements, use, and quantity of the product. And will confirm with you first to ensure that you can receive the desired fiberglass dog sculpture

Advantages of FRP Sculpture

FRP is a good corrosion-resistant material, able to withstand humid environments. And has good thermal conductivity and insulation. Combining modern carving craftsmanship gives the fiberglass dog ornamental value and decorative value. Fiberglass dog is not only a new type of handicraft but also has a beautiful and colorful appearance. It also presents cultural values to people, can convey the creative inspiration of artists to people, and create a unique artistic atmosphere for the environment.

fiberglass dogHow to maintain fiberglass dogs?

  • Clean environment: the construction site should be cleaned every day. Dispose of waste resin and articles in time; fly dust and production debris sticking to the wet resin will affect the quality of the product.
  • Placement: The placement of cartoon fiberglass sculptures is very important because cartoon fiberglass sculptures are not afraid of sun exposure, so they must not be placed in a place with strong light, otherwise it will easily cause cracking for a long time. But also be careful not to put it in a humid place. Due to the material, some resins may grow hair and mold.
  • Mold cleaning: the surface of the mold must be cleaned before use, and rinsed repeatedly with detergent and water (avoid cleaning agents that can dissolve resin such as acetone) to make the glass fiber reinforced plastic have a mirror effect. All oil stains should be removed.
  • Daily cleaning: We usually use clean water to clean any items, but due to the particularity of the resin material, it cannot be wiped with a damp cloth, because the moisture that penetrates the resin will destroy the resin. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dry cotton cloth or feather duster to wipe the dust of the cartoon glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture. Cutting dust, particles, and oil stains should be removed, and always kept clean and translucent.
  • Tool cleaning: The production tools should be cleaned by a dedicated person, which is convenient for operation and avoids the quality problems of FRP caused by resin agglomeration, falling particles, soil, and dust during the production process.
  • Regular maintenance: Cartoon glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures will not be as glamorous as before. At this time, the polishing wax can be applied to the surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture with a brush and then polished with a dry cotton cloth.

About Ant Display

Ant display company is a professional manufacturer of Fiberglass dogs. We have more than 20 years of fiberglass production experience. Our products include fiberglass animal sculptures, cartoon sculptures, garden sculptures, fiberglass furniture production, and installation, etc. Our company has a professional high-level computer design team, model maker, and experienced installation team to provide customers with one-stop services of 3D design, model making, engraving, production, and delivery. No matter what kind of fiberglass sculpture you need, you can find them at Ant display. We welcome you to visit our factory at any time. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will answer your questions online.