Fiberglass Dinosaurs

Are you looking for Fiberglass dinosaur decoration? As prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs were once the overlord of the earth. With the improvement of technology, people's interest in dinosaurs is also increasing. Fiberglass dinosaur sculptures can be seen in shopping malls, theme parks, theme restaurants, and scenic spots. Even the children's playground has many dinosaur sculptures, and the Dinosaur Science and Technology Park also has a large variety of dinosaur sculptures for people to understand the life of dinosaurs and related knowledge. And dinosaurs also have a certain degree of viewing, whether it is in the green space of the park or the science and technology building, it is a different kind of scenery.

The fiberglass dinosaur made by Ant display has a vivid image, exquisite shape, and easy transportation. Our company has more than 20 years of production experience and has a professional production and designer team. The termination of our service is to provide high-quality customized products. FRP sculptures have become a part of urban sculptures and are widely used in major businesses, squares, parks, and other public places. Fiberglass sculpture is not only a new type of handicraft developed by modern technology. No matter what shape of fiberglass dinosaur you need, you can find them in Ant display. View more fiberglass dinosaurs as below.

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FRP dinosaur is a kind of artistic handicraft, which has the characteristics of lightweight, corrosion resistance, and relatively low cost. The glass fiber reinforced plastic dinosaur cartoon sculpture is generally used for urban decoration in its use and function. The glass fiber reinforced plastic cartoon sculpture is divided into round and relief in form. It is mostly used for large courtyards, tree-lined paths, buildings, and square markers. , Stations, dinosaur parks, public green spaces, parks, and other public places. It can not only exist alone to play a decorative role but also can be combined with surrounding buildings to play a decorative role. It can also be placed in office buildings, shopping malls, science parks, playgrounds, etc., to beautify the environment. Since dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures and have become extinct, many zoos will order some glass fiber reinforced plastic dinosaur sculptures to attract more tourists.

The production process of FRP dinosaurs:

  1. fiberglass dinosaursMaking dinosaur molds

FRP engravers carry out sculptures according to the drawings of dinosaur models provided by customers. If you do not have drawings, our designers can help you create 3D designs. The design will be sent to you for confirmation, and if you need to modify it, we will make adjustments immediately. The mold master uses mold types (wooden board, clay sculpture, foam, plaster, etc.) to engrave, modify, and confirm for you. Then we will get the dinosaur mold

  1. make the fiberglass model

First, use a brush to apply the gel coat to the surface of the mold. When it is half dry, spread the fiber cloth on it, and start to brush the resin onto the top with a brush to make it penetrate, then spread the cloth and brush the resin, layer by layer. Reach the required thickness.

  1. Demoulding and trimming

Demolding refers to taking the blank out of the mold. Then we will repair and polish the fiberglass dinosaur to get the final effect.

  1. Deal with spray paint

Usually, fiberglass dinosaur modeling needs to go through 6 painting steps, and each pass needs to be polished to ensure the uniform painting

  1. Spray car varnish on the surface

To check that all steps are correct, it is necessary to spray car varnish on the surface. After the topcoat is qualified, start to transfer the customer's logo or pattern, and then spray a layer of car varnish to ensure the brightness of the product and protect the paint from damage.

Fiberglass dinosaur function

fiberglass dinosaursLeisure and entertainment functions

With the development of society, Fiberglass dinosaur sculptures are closely linked with people's lives. These artworks truly enter our lives, feel the joy that art brings us in our lives, increase the interaction between citizens and the environment, and enhance the taste of urban culture.

Cultural transfer function

Fiberglass dinosaurs have humanistic care and are tangible. People can see the character and temperament of a city. Successful sculptures are not only embellishments, but more importantly, they can convey specific information to people.

Spiritual symbolic function

Fiberglass dinosaur sculptures have a strong visual effect and are integrated with public culture. It can also reflect the historical features and regional culture of the city in which it is located, and arouse the psychological resonance of the locals.

Area recognition function

The characteristics of Fiberglass sculpture have an important concept of public identification, which is not only the embodiment of the characteristics of the city but also an important sign of city cognition, which can reflect the culture, history, and spirit of a city. The image of the city is presented in the form of sculpture, becoming one of the most representative images of the city.

About Ant Display

Ant display designs and produces fiberglass dinosaur sculptures for different countries around the world. You can decorate themed restaurants, offices, or use them outdoors, gardens, scenic spots, etc. Our company has an independent factory and modern product design. All products of Ant display are customized and factory-directed, which saves customers the purchase cost. The company adopts the principle of more quantity and superiority, and the production and delivery are controlled by you. No matter when you need fiberglass dinosaurs, please contact us