Fiberglass Birds

fiberglass birdsGlad to know that you are interested in fiberglass birds. Fiberglass birds are used for real estate, clubs, gardens, villas, parks, squares, sales centers, real estate, and other landscape decorations. It has a bird shape, color, and size, and can be made into different shapes according to different bird species, such as flamingo, parrot, peacock, peace dove, etc. They are given a unique meaning and can gratify people's eyeballs and make people impress you. More often, fiberglass birds can highlight your theme, such as bird paradise, animal world, etc. No matter what type of fiberglass birds you want, you can find them.

Ant display provides lifelike Fiberglass birds, we design and produce fiberglass birds completely according to the life form of birds. So you can get realistic bird sculptures in Ant display, such as Fiberglass open-screen peacock decoration, standing peacock model, glass steel imitation copper Peacock opening sculpture. We can also make fiberglass sculptures of swans, parrots, ducks, penguins, pigeons, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, etc. The glass fiber reinforced plastic imitation copper red-crowned crane circular sculpture can improve the quality of gardens, courtyards, communities, and the environment, and can even help increase real estate sales. Fiberglass birds is a modern villa complex, classic, good decoration of the courtyard.

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The glass fiber bird has a smooth surface, bright colors, and is lightweight. The appearance effects of imitation gold, imitation copper, imitation silver, imitation copper, imitation stone, etc. can be produced through the processes of color painting, inkjet, and gold-sticking. And can be produced according to special requirements, whether you want high-end matte or bright effects, Ant display can help you achieve it.

Classification of fiberglass birds molds

fiberglass birdsUsually, we need to make molds for confirmation before producing fiberglass products, so that we can ensure that customers can receive the perfect fiberglass birds. Now we share the 5 most common molds for making fiberglass birds.

1. Plaster mold

We can choose to use plaster molds to make Fiberglass birds. The characteristics of plaster molds are heat resistance, low thermal conductivity, and easy production. Plaster molds are generally used to make master molds of Fiberglass birds. Most of the gypsum used is hemihydrate gypsum, that is, plaster of parts. Like cement molds, bricks and wood can be used as the base of the skeleton, and then covered with plaster. To improve rigidity and prevent cracking, quartz, latex, etc. can be added to gypsum. Plaster molds are suitable for single-piece products and complex linear products, such as embossed fiberglass birds, small and medium round sculptures, etc.

2. Rubber mold

Fiberglass birds made of rubber molds have the characteristics of good sealing and easy demolding. It is suitable for the surface layer of FRP Birds molds. Rubber molds are generally made of silicone rubber and polyurethane resin. They are used to make intricate reliefs, round sculptures, and various shapes. Fiberglass birds are usually used for in-line pouring into the mold, or superimposed on a part that cannot be directly demolded. Since the rubber mold has a certain degree of softness, the outer mold can be pulled out at will after demolding. Fiberglass Birds, lions, dragons, and other animals or bodhisattvas, cartoon characters, etc. can all be made using this method.

fiberglass birds3. Paraffin film mold

Paraffin film is used for products that are small in quantity or complex inline shape and difficult to demolds. For example, to make a curved bird head shape, you need to use two master molds. After the interior is filled with paraffin wax, take out the built-in master mold, take out the paraffin mold core and trim it and cover the fiberglass on the outer wall to form a bird shape. After the fiberglass birds are solidified, heat the paraffin to melt and flow out, and then a complete Fiberglass bird product can be obtained. To reduce shrinkage deformation and increase rigidity, about 5% stearic acid can be added to paraffin wax. To prevent the paraffin from cracking, a small amount of butter can be added to the wax.

4. Cement mold

We can also use cement molds to make birds' bodies. The cement mold has low cost and good rigidity. When making the cement mold fiberglass birds, it is necessary to first make a rough with concrete, then cover it with cement mortar, and then perform the processes of sanding, putty, sanding, polishing, and painting. The cement mold can be directly used to produce glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and can also be used as a master mold of fiberglass birds. However, the cement mold dries slowly, and even under normal conditions, it takes more than a week for surface construction such as painting. So if you want to see it as soon as possible, we recommend using other types of molds.

5. Solid wood mold

Fiberglass birds with solid wood molds are the most popular. The solid wood mold needs to be shaped according to the birds you like and then carved to give you the shape and size of the birds for your confirmation. The wooden mold can be directly used as a forming mold for FRP products, or as a transition master mold for rework of FRP molds.