Custom Fiberglass Sculptures

Customize fiberglass statues can show your decoration, idea directly. Customized stainless steel shapes have unique shapes, which can well decorate shopping malls, communities, scenic spots, or kindergartens. The customized fiberglass sculpture is mainly a breakthrough in material selection and aesthetic modeling. Customized fiberglass sculptures can also be made into fiberglass door head decorations, or embossed shapes can be added. They can be integrated with the environment, which not only adds artistic color but also plays a role in embellishment. You can also choose exaggerated and deformed fiberglass sculptures to create a beautiful, clear, rich, and humorous artistic effect.

Ant Display is a manufacturer specializing in fiberglass sculptures. Our company has modern production equipment, mainly producing customized products including Fiberglass cartoon sculptures, fiberglass seats, fiberglass flower pots, furniture, front desks, tree pool stools, fiberglass kiosks, etc. Ant Display has a raw material production workshop and a paint production workshop, a comprehensive industrial chain entity enterprise integrating research, development, design, manufacturing, and sales. We have more than 30,000 square meters of production space and more than 3,000 square meters of complete exhibition halls. Years of ingenuity and development have created an unrepeatable brand advantage and reputation of Ant display.

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Customized Fiberglass sculptures can be divided into round sculptures and relief sculptures according to their appearance. The subdivisions are character, animal sculptures, cartoon sculptures, mall beautiful sculptures, campus relief sculptures, urban sculptures, European architectural sculptures, abstract art, sketch sculptures, etc. Whether it is around a sculpture or a relief sculpture, the production process is not the same. Only by grasping the key steps, you can produce exquisite and unique FRP sculptures.

customize fiberglass sculptureCustomize fiberglass sculpture advantages:

  1. Fiberglass sculptures are simple and generous, with sharp edges and corners, a large color selection, and a more three-dimensional impression. Fiberglass sculpture is an important element in urban sculpture, which can play a role in embellishing the environment and finishing touch.
  2. Customize fiberglass sculpture is suitable for all decoration scenes. Because they can be made according to different landscaping needs. For example Fiberglass snail, fiberglass flamingo, fiberglass garden sculpture, fiberglass cartoon character sculpture, fiberglass square sculpture, etc.
  3. FRP sculpture is developed based on traditional stone carving, which overturns the concept and form of traditional sculpture, and pushes the beauty of modern art and formal art to the pinnacle. Because the advantages of FRP adapt to modern life, it has been accepted by the public.

Custom fiberglass sculpture category

customize fiberglass sculpture

Custom Fiberglass Art Sculpture

FRP art project sculptures have a modern sense and are well received at home and abroad. They have become a modern trend in decorating cities, squares, shopping malls, galleries, museums, and amusement parks. Customized FRP statues are very popular with customers, they can show unique ideas and satisfy different people's tastes. FRP sculptures can be made from a variety of molds. Fiberglass sculpture is one of the finished sculpture types. The glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture has the characteristics of lightness, corrosion resistance, and relatively low cost. It can also be made into character sculptures, cartoon sculptures, Buddha statues, animal sculptures, wall reliefs, etc.

Custom bronze and fiberglass sculptures

Ant display provides bronze custom-made fiberglass sculptures and creates perfect works of art. We can make all kinds of sculptures, from small pieces on shelves to life-size statues in bronze or fiberglass of your choice. We also can draw a unique design drawing for you for confirmation. We welcome your comments on your custom artwork so that you are very satisfied with the finished sculpture.

Enterprise custom sculptures and statues

At Ant Display, you can make fiberglass sculptures unique to your company. You can use it on the anniversary of the company, and it can also be used to customize corporate sculptures to reward the performance of employees or managers, which is very commemorative. Customize fiberglass statues can also effectively reflect your theme, make the brand or product have a gorgeous artistic sense, and decorate your company.