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Cosmetic Showcase Popular Makeup Counter Retail Stand with Metal Frame Decoration for Sale

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Cosmetic Display Counter for Makeup Display Stand & Makeup Display Booth in Retail Store for Sale

Cosmetic Display Counter & Doubled Sides Display Stand Display Shelving for Sale

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Cosmetics are very common in our lives. You can see some showcases selling cosmetics in counters, supermarkets, and cosmetics stores.

There are many cosmetic stands in our life. I will introduce two styles today as your reference.

Cosmetic display counter, The cosmetic display counter includes 2 parts which include the display area and the storage area. There are three shelves to display the goods, and easy to choose from for the customer. At the top of the display, stand to install the lightbox, and you can put your poster on the lightbox to make more and more people know your brands clearly. The final part is to install the drawers and can store many goods.

Double Sides Display Stand: The display stand has two sides to display the products. You can put the poster on the light-box to advertise the goods, there are two boxes to advertise. For the sides of the display stand, it can stick the poster. It also has drawers to store the goods like the above.


In order to make the display stand more unique and professional, we add the black metal frame for the edge of the display stand. It will make the display stand more high-end.


Production Process

The production process includes 4 steps which include the wooden cabinet, polish, primers, and baking paint, installation.

  • Wooden cabinet, we will cut the wooden board according to the drawings and assemble these into wooden cabinets.
  • Polish, in order to make the whole surface more bright, we will use the unique display counter more unique and professional.
  • Primers and baking paint, we will do the 4 white primers and do the baking paint.
  • Installation, we will install the logo, drawers, door cabinets, and baseboard.

Package: In the interior package we use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display stand and use the film to fix it. In the outer package, we use the MDF to build the wooden box. Then put the interior package into an outer package.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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